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Welcome to the Office of Education Design and Informatics (EDI). Our team works closely with School of Medicine leaders, course directors, teachers, and students to plan and implement software and hardware solutions that meet the education mission. EDI provides training and support for e-learning courses, e-Portfolios, and many other informatics tools used throughout the continuum of medical education. We endeavor to create a collegial environment of excellence and to engage scholarship in our work to optimize IT use in the training of health professionals. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by and visit, we are often at Eskind Biomedical Library, though our main office is across campus.


Anderson Spickard, III, MD, MS
Assistant Dean, Education Design and Informatics
Professor of Medicine and Biomedical Informatics


To enhance the development of the providers-of-tomorrow by the pertinent use of informatics and technology.


“Learners at all levels learning, working, and being assessed and mentored with informatics technology operating and reporting unnoticed, yet indispensable in the background.”

We envision a vibrant healthcare learning system in which applied informatics and information technology is quietly supporting modular and personalized learning that is competency-based, embedded in the workplace, and eventually linked to health outcomes of patients.  To that end, EDI works closely with faculty and students to design, integrate, implement, and research state of the art information technological solutions to underpin the various pedagogical and experiential approaches that meet each program’s needs. The collaborative learning environment and the integrated technical systems serve and report back on progress at the individual, group, and program level.