Health Insurance issues regarding blood and body fluid exposures should be directed to Rose Hearn in the Student Health Center. Questions regarding insurance billing should be directed to Student Accounts.

Student Health Insurance

See the Student Accounts website for student health insurance information.

Blood and Body Fluid Exposures

You will not be responsible for charges incurred for blood and body fluid exposures; however, an insurance claim must be filed. You should go to Occupational Health if an exposure occurs. If it is closed, you must go to the Emergency Department. You must make it known that you are a student, not an employee - Worker's Comp should not be filed. If a balance remains after insurance has paid, please take the unpaid bill along with the Explanation of Benefit (EOB) from the insurance company to Rose Hearn in Student Health Services (Zerfoss Bldg.). DO NOT IGNORE BILLS.

Long-term Disability Insurance

Medical students will be automatically covered with long-term disability insurance, required of all enrolled medical students, at the time of registration. The annual premium is payable in addition to tuition.

The Vanderbilt Long-Term Disability Plan provides a monthly benefit should you become disabled by sickness or injury. All students are covered under a group policy through The Guardian Life Insurance Company. Your coverage under this policy ends on the date your active full-time student enrollment ends.

Conversion of the disability income policy is possible if

  1. you have been insured under this policy (or a prior policy held by Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, which this policy replaced) for at least 12 consecutive months prior to the date your blanket coverage ends
  2. you are not eligible for new group coverage within 30 days of the termination date, subject to the terms and conditions of the certificate.

The benefit is payable for qualifying disabilities after an elimination period of 180 days is satisfied. The benefit is payable as long as you remain disabled, under the terms of the certificate, up to age 67.

1st year student - $1,000 monthly benefit
2nd year student - $1,000 monthly benefit
3rd year student - $1,500 monthly benefit
4th year student - $1,500 monthly benefit

The plan booklet is available online and provides additional information on eligibility for coverage, claim provisions, maximum/minimum monthly payment benefits, exclusions and limitations of your coverage.

Questions? Please contact our plan administrators:
The Benefit Planning Group
(800) 225-7174

Professional Liability Insurance

Medical students will be automatically covered with professional liability insurance, required of all enrolled medical students, at the time of registration. The annual premium is payable in addition to tuition. Details of the policy are available at the University Risk Management Office, and students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these details and with their responsibilities in this regard.

Students are covered whether they are at the Vanderbilt-affiliated hospitals (Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville Veterans Administration Hospital, St. Thomas Hospital, or Baptist Hospital) or elsewhere as a "visiting student", providing that (1) the clerkship or other educational experience has prior approval from the School of Medicine as course work for credit, and (2) the activities within this experience are consonant with the student's level of training and experience and are performed under the supervision of appropriate faculty and/or staff.

Students needing proof of coverage should go to the Office of Enrollment Services.