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Away Rotations

Most institutions use VSAS to process their applications for clinical electives. Vanderbilt University School of Medicine students may opt to take up to 3 away clinical rotations. It is important that Vanderbilt students rotate at an institution that has an Affiliation Agreement established. View a list of over 150 institutions that have an Affiliation Agreement with Vanderbilt.

Away Rotations FAQs

This is very important! You cannot register yourself. You will need to download Form 7100: Petition for Clinical Rotation (Away) and either email completed form with Vanderbilt department approval signature to and or bring it to our office in 224 Eskind Biomedical Library. This form a) enables us to enroll you in the elective and b) provides us a contact name so that we can track down your evaluation and enter a grade to your transcript.

Students who wish to complete a 4-week away in Family Medicine or a 3-week away (which must meet the 3-week away guidelines) should complete the online REDCap form at

All you need to do is email the 7100 Form to the VUSM Course director that is in charge of the elective you are seeking away credit in with the course description. On the 7100 form, you must list the specialty of your away rotation, and receive an approval signature from the speciality course approver below. Email the completed and signed form to and  After both of these steps are completed, we will register you and it will appear in YES. Below is a list of approvers:

Anesthesiology Dr. Brian Gelfand or Dr. Amy Robertson
Dermatology Dr. John Zic
Emergency Medicine Dr. Corey Slovis or Dr. Kendra Parekh
Family Medicine Dr. Kendra Parekh or Dr. Lourdes Estrada
Interdisciplinary Dr. Amy Fleming
Medicine Dr. John McPherson
Neurology Dr. Martin Gallagher
Ob/Gyn Dr. Charles Rush
Ophthalmology Dr. Janice Law
Orthopaedics Dr. Phillip Mitchell
Otolaryngology Dr. Amy Whigham
Pathology Dr. Jim Atkinson
Pediatrics Dr. Maya Neeley
Psychiatry Dr. Terako Amison
Radiology Dr. Katie Davis
Radiation Oncology Dr. Zachary Kohutek
Surgery Dr. Erin Gillaspie
Urology Dr. Kristen Scarpato

We are happy to help you with the application process for a non-VSAS school. Please email Miranda McLaughlin for further assistance.

It is critical that you rotate at an institution that has an Affiliation Agreement with Vanderbilt. View a list of over 150 institutions with whom Vanderbilt has an affiliation agreement. When planning an away rotation (either a clinical elective or primary care rotation), students choose from this list of institutions.

Not at all! Make sure you visit the VSAS website and review the specific requirements of each institution, as well as the date when that institution’s application opens online. If you feel strongly about rotating at a particular school, you’ll want to make sure you’re one of the first applicants. Many schools enroll on a first-come-first-serve basis.

No need! We will be going into VSAS twice a day in the coming months and will receive a notification when you have an application that needs to be verified and/or released.

No. The beauty of VSAS—much like the Common App or AMCAS—is that you can upload your documents one time. Just make sure you assign your documents to the different host institutions to which you’re applying.

Most institutions require a recent criminal background check. When you get that email, follow the steps to process your criminal background check. Then it will come to us and we will upload it to your record in VSAS.

We are in the process of creating a letter for each of you that addresses your expected graduation date, the core clerkships you’ve completed, your various trainings (BLS, ACLS, mask fit, etc.) and your personal health and malpractice insurance. We will upload these letters to VSAS for each of you within the next two weeks. This will suffice for the institutions’ requirements.

Institutions will either have their own immunization form for you to complete or they will use a standard form. Make sure you read the information about the institution and know what they require. For signatures on immunization records, please contact the Student Health department at

There is a dashboard in VSAS where you will be able to check on the status.

Go to the University Registrar and request an electronic transcript. Request that it be delivered to We will get notification that your transcript is ready and we will upload it to your VSAS record. It’s that simple!