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VUSM Social Media Policy

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Office of Health Sciences Education (OHSE)
Social Media Policy (all professional degrees)

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine (VUSM) supports the use of social media to connect with individuals and groups interested in life at VUSM (e.g., current and prospective students, faculty and staff members, alumni, and others). The use of VUSM social media channels (including but not limited to Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube) falls under the policies and guidelines of Vanderbilt University (VU) located in the VU Social Media Handbook. (

VUSM maintains official accounts as VUSM on Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Most, if not all, MD students’ VUSM-related social media needs can be met through these existing VUSM accounts. Students should email directly to submit posts to either account. Students who feel that they have VUSM-related social media needs not met by these accounts should request a consultation with OHSE Strategic Communications staff by emailing

VUSM requires that any social media accounts that use the Vanderbilt name and/or logo (or variations of them) or that purport to speak on behalf of VUSM or any of its constituent departments or groups must be approved by OHSE Strategic Communications prior to creation. Any social media accounts existing without such prior authorization are subject to review when discovered and may be removed. In addition, OHSE Strategic Communications staff will perform bi-annual audits of VUSM-associated channels and take action to remove any dormant or ineffective accounts.