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Student Reimbursement Information

The information below consists of general guidelines to outline the reimbursement process.

NOTE: You must submit your reimbursement to the Oracle system no later than 7 days from date of purchase. Submissions received after this date may be denied for reimbursement. Please be advised that you will not be reimbursed for tax. If your receipt includes tax, you will be approved for the amount of the receipt minus the tax.

STEP 1: Complete Reimbursement Form
Provide information needed by the University financial system, including specific demographic details such as date of birth, citizenship, gender, etc.

STEP 2: Receive Reimbursement Approval

Once your request has been received by the respective office, you will receive pre-approval from the appropriate staff member, who will provide additional information you need to submit your expense report in the Oracle system.

NOTE: This approval MUST be included as part of your documentation when you upload information to the Oracle system. Failure to do so will get your request sent back.

STEP 3: Spend Money, Complete Reimbursement Request Form

Once you have reviewed everything, submit itemized receipt and receipt showing “paid” using the link provided after you have held your event or made your purchase, and you will receive reimbursement in approximately a week. The first time you receive reimbursement, you will pick up a physical check from the Baker Building on the north side of campus. At that time, you will fill out a direct deposit form for all future reimbursements.

Student Expense Report Creation Guide


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