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VA Rotations

Students who rotate at the Veteran’s Affairs Hospital need to initiate the process to gain computer access at least six weeks in advance of their rotation. Please turn in completed checklist and documents to Carol Clark at the VA (615-873-7769) for any courses; Pio Poe can assist for any courses in Medicine if students have questions or concerns.

VA ID Badge (PIV Card)

  • You will be notified through your Vanderbilt email when your fingerprints have cleared and you can to go to the VA Human Resources Office to have your photo taken and pick up your badge.
  • Human Resources hours for photos are 7:30-3:30 and located on the 1st floor of the VA in Room (just off the hallway leading off the main lobby to the VA parking garage, room G-107).
  • You will again need to take 2 forms of GOVERNMENT issued ID, i.e. passport, driver’s license, etc.  You cannot use your VUMC ID badge.
  • When you receive your PIV card, you will set up a six digit PIN number, DON’T FORGET IT!
  • The PIV card will get you into secure areas of the hospital (MICU, SICU, etc.) and will allow you to log into the VA computer system.
  • Your PIV card is good for 3 years.

VA Computer Codes

At least one week before you begin a rotation at the VA, please contact the service you will be working with (Medicine or Surgery) to pick up your computer codes.

Contact for each service

  • Medicine
    • Tenyelle Gooch (615) 873-7667
    • Katiscia Cooper (615) 873-6188
    • Pamela Watts (615) 873-6979
  • Surgical Service
    • Debby Duncan (615) 873-7214
    • Judy Carter (615) 873-7582

Computer codes will become disabled after 30 days of inactivity. If you lose computer access due to inactivity, please contact the VA Helpdesk at ext. 26500 (from a VA phone).

Mandatory Training for Trainees (online computer course)

The training you complete online is valid for 1 year; 30 to 60 days prior to expiration, you will receive notices to go online and renew your training. Notices will be sent to the email account you entered when you established your account. Failure to renew your training can result in loss of computer access.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the VA Graduate Medical Education office: