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Class of 2023 – 2025

Bassim El-Sabawi, MD

Clinical Fellow, Cardiovascular Medicine

Cardiac Biomarkers and Proteomic Signatures of Adverse Left Ventricular Remodeling in Patients with Aortic Stenosis
Mentors: Jane Freedman, MD and Ravi Shah, MD, MS

Jonah D. Garry, MD

Clinical Fellow, Cardiovascular Medicine

Pathobiology of Right Ventricular Dysfunction in Pulmonary Hypertension associated with Left Heart Disease
Mentor: Evan Brittain, MD, MSCI

Amina Pervaiz, MD

Assistant Professor, Pulmonary & Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, Wayne State University School of Medicine

Clinical outcomes of patients admitted in the intensive care unit after treatment with chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy
Mentor: Fabien Maldonado, MD, MSc