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Vanderbilt Campus Safety

While you are here for the summer, your safety is of utmost importance to us. Vanderbilt is a very safe campus, but no place is immune to crime. Please carefully read the following information to learn of the available resources. Use the utmost caution when walking around campus at all times. If there is not an emergency, but you feel unsafe, please contact us so we can make your situation better!

Vanderbilt Police Emergency Phone Number:

  • (615) 421-1911 (off campus), 1-1911 (on-campus)

On-campus Resources:

  • Campus Emergency Phones: Vanderbilt has several Emergency Phones available on campus. Please see the map below for locations. Click on this map for the interactive version. To view all emergency phones on the interactive map, click "emergency phones" in the top right corner.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 12.48.34 PM.png

  • Walking Escort Service: VUPD also provides walking escorts for students, faculty, and staff walking to and from any locations on campus during the nighttime hours.  The telephone number to call for a walking escort is x18888 (or (615) 421-8888 off-campus). If you can’t find a travel companion, use the escort service on campus, no matter how short the distance.
  • SaveVU app: SafeVU is a mobile safety application for iOS and Android smartphones.  The app allows users to connect directly from their cell phones to the Vanderbilt University Police Department.

On-campus Phone Numbers:

  • Vanderbilt Police
    • Emergency – (615) 421-1911 (off campus), 1-1911 (on-campus)
    • Non-emergency – (615) 322-2745 or 321-8873 (off campus), 1-VUPD or 1-8873 (on-campus)
    • Crime Prevention – (615) 322-2558
    • Escorts – (615) 421-8888
    • Lost & Found – (615) 343-5371
  • Medical
    • VUMC Emergency Room – (615) 322-3391
    • Student Health – (615) 322-2427 (for student non-emergency illness & injury)
    • Occupational Health Clinic – (615) 936-0955 (work-related injuries or exposures)
    • Poison Center Hotline – (615) 936-2034
  • Environmental/Safety Hazards
    • Environmental Health and Safety – (615) 322-2057
  • Counseling/Support/Information
    • Psychological & Counseling Center – (615) 322-2571 (counseling services and referrals for students, staff, faculty and family members)