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Georgina Sellyn

Posted by on Wednesday, July 19, 2023 in In My Life, Summer 2023 .

Reporting by Lexie Little

Georgina Sellyn is a fourth-year medical student. A former Vanderbilt University tennis player, she plans to pursue a career in dermatology, combining her passion for skin cancer prevention with her love of the game. She is from Glasgow, Scotland.

“With a passion for preventive health, specifically skin cancer prevention, I wanted to find a way to intertwine my love for tennis as well. Thus, together with a close friend and dermatology resident, Sarah Millan, MD, we developed a new initiative to host tennis tournaments across the nation in order to raise awareness for skin cancer prevention, specifically within the athletic community. Sports like tennis often lead to lifelong sun exposure, and so we wanted to bring attention to sun safety within this population while also raising donations for the nonprofit, IMPACT Melanoma, to implement resources, education and areas of shade within local communities and areas experiencing health and social inequities.”