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Posted by on Monday, September 9, 2019 in Fall 2019, Losses, Vanderbilt Community .

Geoffrey Berry, MD, HS’59, died May 7. He was 92. Dr. Berry was preceded in death by his son, Andrew, and is survived by his wife, Dora; children Christopher, Jane and Helen; nine grandchildren; and one great-grandchild.

Jill F. Chambers, MD, HS’78, died Jan. 17. She was 70. Dr. Chambers is survived by her children Price and Matt; and four grandchildren.

Richard D. Cole, MD’52, died Feb. 10. He was 92. Dr. Cole is survived by his children David, Brian, Karen and Laura; five grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

William S. Davis, MD’56, died March 14. He was 87. Dr. Davis was preceded in death by his wife, Frances, and is survived by his children Bill, Alisa and Rob; and 10 grandchildren.

Charles E. Dobbs, MD, HS’63, died Dec. 16, 2018. He was 84. Dr. Dobbs is survived by his wife, Nan; children Leslie, Chris and John; and four grandchildren.

Justin A. Esses, MD’03, died March 9. He was 42. Dr. Esses is survived by his wife, Stephanie; and children Eli and Esther.

Jack W. Fleming, MD, HS’49, died Jan. 24. He was 94. Dr. Fleming is survived by his wife, Carolyn; children Zan, Merry and Tina; nine grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.

Julia C. Goodin, MD, HS’87, died April 12. She was 62. Dr. Goodin was preceded in death by her husband, Dave.

Richard Lee Gallager, MD’72, died Feb. 26. He was 72. Dr. Gallager is survived by his wife, Dorothy; children Anne and Ian; and four grandchildren.

Peter L. Grossman, MD’71, died March 20. He was 75. Dr. Grossman is survived by his children Adam and Meredith; and his grandchildren.

Stephen Gyland, MD’51, died Dec. 24, 2018. He was 92. Dr. Gyland is survived by his wife, Rose; children Stephen, Virginia, David, Kathi, Carol and Nels; 19 grandchildren; 19 great-grandchildren; and one great-great-grandchild.

Robert Hardin, MD’56, died April 28. He was 89. Dr. Hardin is survived by his wife, Laurie; children Tom, Jack, Bill, Katie and Jimmy; grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Cecil B. Howard, MD’53, died April 13. He was 91. Dr. Howard was preceded in death by his wife, Rebekah, and is survived by his children Mark, Sally and Maggie; nine grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

O. Tom Johns, MD, HS’78, died March 31. He was 72. Dr. Johns is survived by his wife, Betsy; children Rebecca, Tommy and Judd; and three grandchildren.

Howard W. Jones III, MD, professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, former chair of the department and a world-renowned researcher into the causes and treatment of gynecologic cancer, died unexpectedly in his sleep March 9. He was 76. Dr. Jones was a leader in his department and at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine for almost four decades. He served as director of Gynecologic Oncology for 28 years and accepted the role of department chair in 2009. He stepped down as chair in 2016 but continued to be an active member of the faculty, including leading Vanderbilt’s participation in an international study to determine the effectiveness of a new therapeutic vaccine for treating women with precancerous changes on the cervix and vulva. Dr. Jones is survived by his wife of 52 years, Patricia Harris Jones; son, Howard Jones; daughter, Kathleen O’Connor; sister, Georgeanna Klingensmith; brother, Larry Jones; and four grandchildren.

Robert Miller, MD’56, died April 11. He was 85. Dr. Miller was preceded in death by his wife, Glenda, and daughter, Jennifer, and is survived by his children Marzie, Steven, Evan and John; six grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Burness E. Moore, MD, HS’39, FE’40, died Nov. 27, 2018. He was 104. Dr. Moore is survived by his children Daniel and Marilyn; and five grandchildren.

Peter M. Pritchett, MD, HS’89, died Nov. 27, 2018. He was 63. Dr. Pritchett is survived by his wife, Susan, and son, Charles.

Harold L. Reams, MD’62, HS’63, died Dec. 29, 2018. He was 81. Dr. Reams is survived by his wife, Ginny; children Kim and Rick; five grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.

Jeremy Richman, FE’98, PhD, died March 25. He was 49. Dr. Richman was preceded in death by his daughter, Avielle, and is survived by his wife, Jennifer, and two children.

Charles Sachatello, MD, HS’67, died May 4. He was 83. Dr. Sachatello is survived by his wife, Suzanne; children Bonnie, Susan and Scott; and four grandchildren.

William B. Snyder, MD’57, died Jan. 18. He was 88. Dr. Snyder is survived by his wife, Phyllis; children William, Claudia, Clayton and Jane; and four grandchildren.

Charles E. Terry, MD’65, died April 7. He was 80. Dr. Terry was preceded in death by his children Mark and Tracy and is survived by his wife, Brenda; and three grandchildren.

J. Douglas Trapp, MD,’61, HS’66, died Jan. 7. He was 83. Dr. Trapp is survived by his wife, Mercer; children Doug and Sutton; and four grandchildren.

W. Bedford Waters, MD’74, president of the Vanderbilt Medical Alumni Association and the second African American to graduate from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, died May 25. He was 71. Dr. Waters graduated from VUSM in 1974 and earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Vanderbilt University in 1970. He completed his internship and one-year residency in general surgery at the University of California, San Diego. He became the Chief Resident in urology at The Harvard Program in Urology (Longwood Area) and served on the faculties of the University of Illinois and then the Stritch School of Medicine at Loyola University Chicago, where he remained for 20 years. He joined the staff at The University of Tennessee Medical Center in 2001, where he was named the first chair of the new Department of Urology in 2017. He established the Irene Georgia Bedford Waters Scholarship in honor of his mother. Dr. Waters is survived by first cousins, Cecelia J. Waters of Knoxville, Tennessee, and Jamesetta Waters Lewis of Dayton, Ohio; and second-generation cousins, Amy Matthews Williams, Sara Elizabeth Waters, Andrea Waters Cowan, Stacey Lewis Carter, and Charles Lewis, Jr.

Alfred (Al) Lawrence Watson, MD’49, died April 28. He was 94. Dr. Watson was preceded in death by his wife, Jeannette, and is survived by his children Emily, Allyson, Wendy, Laura and Randy.

Raymond R. Witt, MD’53, died May 8. He was 91. Dr. Witt is survived by his wife, Ann; children Margaret, Marcia, Ellen, Raymond, Emily and Susan; 11 grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.