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Posted by on Monday, May 16, 2022 in Alumni News, Losses, Spring 2022, Vanderbilt Community .

Fred H. Allen Jr., MD, HS’61,’62, died Feb. 3. He was 87. Dr. Allen is survived by his wife, Gretchen; children Fred, Will and Lucy; and four grandchildren.

Stacey M. Anderson, MD’92 BS’88, died Sept. 26, 2021. She was 55. Dr. Anderson is survived by her husband, Henry; and children Rachel, Henry, Max and Thomas.

William “Bill” Brennan Baine, MD’70, died Feb. 1. He was 76. Dr. Baine is survived by his wife, Martha, and son Britton.

James “Jim” Edward Blackburn II, MD’59, HS’61, BA’56, died Dec. 9, 2021. He was 86. Dr. Blackburn is survived by his wife, Patricia; children Linda and Jay; six grandchildren and step-grandchildren and six great-grandchildren and step great-grandchildren.

Laurence C. Carmichael, MD, HS’93, FE’92, died Feb. 8. He was 62. Dr. Carmichael is survived by his wife, Belinda, and children Cothran and Laurence.

Clinton James Devin, MD’02, HS’07, Attending’08-’17, died Dec.10, 2021. He was 46. Dr. Devin is survived by his wife, Jessica Devin, MD’02, and children Conor and Langdon. Dr. Devin completed his orthopaedic surgery residency at VUMC where he served as Chief Resident his senior year. He then completed a complex spinal-reconstruction fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Dr. Devin was on VUMC’s faculty for nine years, treating patients, mentoring students and fellows and developing an active research program before returning to his home state of Wyoming in 2018.

Richard L. Elliott, MD, HS’71, died March 1. He was 85. Dr. Elliott is survived by his wife, Jill; five children, many grandchildren and two great-grandsons.

Donald L. Gaines, MD, HS’68, died Oct. 14, 2021. He was 87. Dr. Gaines is survived by his children Susan, David, Robert, Andrew and Edward; five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Aris C. Garro, MD’01, died Nov. 17, 2021. He was 46. Dr. Garro is survived by his wife, Christine, and children Zoe, Arlo and Isaac.

Gordon N. Gill, MD’63, HS’64, BA’60, died Oct. 3, 2021. He was 83. Dr. Gill is survived by his wife, Patricia; children Daniel, Grace, Leigh and Deirdre; and seven grandchildren.

Carl A. Grote Jr., MD’54, BA’50, died Oct. 5, 2021. He was 93. Dr. Grote is survived by his children Mary Eleanor, Carl, Jane and Charles; eight grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

Mary Ellett Harrison, MD, HS’84 and ’88, died Sept. 13, 2021. She was 68. Dr. Harrison is survived by her siblings Elizabeth, Anne and Hugh; six nieces and nephews and 11 grandnieces and nephews.

Bruce E. Herron, MD’69, died Jan. 26. He was 78. Dr. Herron is survived by his wife, Judy; children Paul, Jennifer, Anne Marie and Rachel; and nine grandchildren.

William N. Jernigan, MD’56, HS’57,’59, BA’52, died Feb. 15. He was 94. Dr. Jernigan is survived by his wife, Janice; children Mickey, Perry, Tom, Dan and Maggie; 16 grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

Zachary S. Jones, an MD/PhD candidate in the Class of 2024, died Sept. 15, 2021. He was 25. Jones is survived by his father, Daniel Scott Jones; mother, Mary Beth Leonard; and sister, Haley Ann.

Frank H. Lambert, MD, HS’66, died Sept. 12, 2021. He was 85. Dr. Lambert is survived by his children Frank and Elizabeth, and two granddaughters.

Selden Longley III, MD’67, BA’63, died March 3. He was 81. Dr. Longley is survived by his wife, Anne; sons Selden and David, and four grandchildren.

Charles “Charlie” Eugene Mayes Sr., MD’65, HS’72, died Dec. 23, 2021. He was 82. Dr. Mayes is survived by his wife, Carol; children Charles, Catherine and Taylor Mayes, and seven grandchildren.

Matthew T. McKenna, PhD’17, MD’19, HS’19, died Feb. 14. He was 33. Dr. McKenna is survived by his wife, Monica Bhutani, MD’17; his parents, Dianna and Gerald, and sisters Colleen and Katie.

Charles O’Donovan III, MD, HS’65, died Nov. 6, 2021. He was 85. Dr. Donovan is survived by his wife, Katherine; children Charles and Edmund; and three grandchildren.

Joseph “Joe” T. Saiter Jr., MD’62, HS’64 &’69, BA’59, died Jan. 6. He was 84. Dr. Saiter is survived by his wife, Cheryl; children Jay, Sherie and Judd; and seven grandchildren.

Joseph “Joe” R. Shackelford III, MD’59, HS’60, BA’56, died Sept. 2, 2021. He was 87. Dr. Shackelford is survived by his wife, Phoebe; children Steven, Ann and Roy; and one granddaughter.

William L. Stone, MD’69, HS’73, BA’66, died Feb. 15. He was 77. He is survived by his daughter, Lisa; stepdaughters Leslie, Alice and Joanne; and eight grandchildren.

James W. Thompson, MD’66, died Oct. 4, 2021. He was 81. Dr. Thompson is survived by children James, Jubal and Tamara; companion, Bessie Graves; and 10 grandchildren.

T. Walter Treadwell Jr., MD’57, BA’54, died Jan. 22. He was 89. Dr. Treadwell is survived by his wife, Betty; children Rory, Keith, Tandi, David and Rhonda; seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Thomas L. Wright, MD’73, died Dec. 4, 2021. He was 73. Dr. Wright is survived by his wife, Denise; children Jennifer, Christopher and Andrew; and four grandchildren.

E. Reynolds Young Jr., MD’54, died Jan. 18. He was 95. Dr. Young is survived by his wife, Cecil; children Edwin, Mayhoward, Jennifer, Mason, Cecile and Matthew; 17 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren, with one the way.


Faculty Losses

Michael J. Fowler, MD, FE’01, associate professor of Medicine and co-medical director of the Shade Tree Clinic, died Feb. 20. He was 49. Dr. Fowler is survived by his wife, Gisella Carranza Leon, MD, and his three children Caroline, Michelle and William.

Shan Huang, MD, PhD, research assistant professor of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and an expert in device implant technology, died Feb. 10. He was 78. Dr. Huang is survived by his wife, Min Xu, and daughters, Kimin and Tai Hao.

Lloyd E. King Jr., MD, PhD, BA’61, former chief of the Division of Dermatology, died Feb. 8. He was 82. Dr. King is survived by his wife, Wanda; children Kevin, Matthew and Courtney, and two grandchildren.

Lewis B. Lefkowitz Jr., MD, professor of Preventive Medicine, emeritus, died Sept. 26, 2021. He was 90. Dr. Lefkowitz is survived by his wife, Judy; children David, Jerry and Paul, and three grandchildren.

Clifton Meador, MD, professor of Medicine, emeritus, died Oct. 12, 2021. He was 90. Dr. Meador is survived by his wife, Ann Cowden Meador, his seven children, Ann’s three sons, seven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Anderson Spickard Jr., MD’57, HS’59, and ’63, BA’53, professor of Medicine, emeritus, and director emeritus, of the Center for Professional Health, died Dec. 8, 2021. He was 90. Dr. Spickard is survived by his wife, Sue; children Susan, Anderson and David; and 10 grandchildren.

Charles Stratton IV, MD, associate professor of Pathology, Microbiology & Immunology and of Medicine, died March 21. He was 77. Dr. Stratton is survived by his three stepchildren, and five grandchildren.