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Posted by on Tuesday, January 3, 2023 in Alumni News, Fall 2022, Losses, Vanderbilt Community .

Robert H. Alford, BA’58, MD’61, HS’67, died May 30. He was 86. Dr. Alford is survived by his wife, Marceleen; children Stephen, Andrew and Daniel; three grandchildren; and one great-grandchild.

Edward E. Anderson, BA’58, MD’61, HS’63, died March 18. He was 85. Dr. Anderson is survived by his wife, Kay; children Laura, Sheryl, Christopher and Brenda; and 10 grandchildren.

Joseph C. Bailey, MD’52, HS’58 &’59, died June 17. He was 93. Dr. Bailey is survived by his children Mark and Lori, and five grandchildren.

Malcolm P. Duncan, BA’56, MD’60, died June 22. He was 88. Dr. Duncan is survived by his wife, Pearl; children Kathryn, Kimberly, Keye and Bruce; and three grandchildren.

John E. Erpenbach, MD, HS’84, died March 16. He was 71. Dr. Erpenbach is survived by his wife, Natasha, and daughter Alexandra.

Beverly Frances Fuller, MD’88, HS’92, died March 27. She was 60. Dr. Fuller is survived by her husband, Frank Phillips; daughter Becky; two stepsons, Nick and George, and one grandson.

Fred L. Hackney, MD, HS’93, died July 8. He was 65. Dr. Hackney is survived by his wife, Gail, and daughters Maggie and Emma.

Wallace H. Hall Jr., MD’55, HS’59, died June 8. He was 93. Dr. Hall is survived by his children Amy, Robert and Emily, and three grandchildren.

William M. Hibbitts, BA’44, MD’48, died Aug. 13. Dr. Hibbitts is survived by his wife, Edna, and children Edna, Porter and John.

Charlie Joe Hobdy, BA’49, MA’50, MD’55, HO’55, died Aug. 14. He was 96. Dr. Hobdy is survived by his wife, Henrietta, and daughters Joetta, Jerrilyn, Juliann and Janelle.

Howard D. Homesley, MD, HS’68 &’71, died April 19. He was 81. Dr. Homesley is survived by his wife, Jane; sons Howard and John; and four grandchildren.

Peter B. Lambert, BA’74, MD’81, died April 11. He was 69. Dr. Lambert is survived by his wife, Maribeth; children Katherine and James; and four grandchildren.

Myron Lewis, MD, HS’65, died April 9. He was 84. Dr. Lewis is survived by his wife, Gail; daughters Robin, Tracey and Joelle; and four grandchildren.

Oliver P. Matthews, MD, HS’74, died May 12. He was 75. Dr. Matthews is survived by his sons Robin, Oliver and Randall; and five grandchildren.

W. Shands McKeithen, Jr., MD’54, died June 29. He was 95. Dr. McKeithen is survived by his wife, Joan; children Ken, Julie, Edward and Michael; seven grandchildren and one great-granddaughter.

William T. McKinney, Jr., MD’63, died March 31. He was 84. Dr. McKinney is survived by his wife, Carolyn; children Scott and Julia; and three grandchildren.

George W. McLean, MD, HS’74, died March 22. He was 74. Dr. McLean came to VUMC in 1974 as a resident and research fellow, training with Grant Liddle, MD. He then completed his fellowship in endocrinology before practicing for 40 years in Chattanooga. Dr. McLean is survived by his son, Russell, his brother, Ed, and two nephews.

David R. McNutt, MD, HS’68, died June 12. He was 84. Dr. McNutt is survived by his brother and sister-in-law, Thomas and Lynne; his brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Caleb and Kathryn; and eight nieces and nephews.

Jeffrey L. Milam, MD, HS’97, died July 15. He was 63. Dr. Milam is survived by his wife, Diana; children Amanda, Michele and John; and three grandchildren.

Peter S. New, MD, HS’65 &’67, died April 11. He was 86. Dr. New is survived by his wife, Elizabeth; children Bob, William and Christian; and eight grandchildren.

Edwin J. Nighbert, MD, HS’67, died May 2. He was 80. Dr. Nighbert is survived by his wife, Sharon; children Edwin, Sean and Hunter; and seven grandchildren.

Harry L. Page, BA’56, MD’59, HS’63, a pioneer of modern cardiology and a presence at Vanderbilt for decades, died Aug. 1. He was 88. Dr. Page was founding partner of the Page-Campbell Cardiology Group at Saint Thomas Hospital in 1970, which merged with Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute in 2006. He is survived by his wife, Mary, and children Mary and Harry.

David Michael Pearse, MD’81, died May 5. He was 66. Dr. Pearse is survived by his children Matthew and Michael.

T. Alan Ramsey, MD’67, died March 12. He was 81. Dr. Ramsey is survived by his wife, Helen; his stepsons Adam and Simon; and his three step-grandchildren.

Hossein Sakhai, MD, HS’44,’63,’64, died Aug. 22. He was 91. Dr. Sakhai is survived by his children Leila, Ali, Susan and Robert; seven grandchildren and one great-grandson; and his former wife, Mary Ann.

F. Michael Shepard, BA’56, MD’59, HS’60 &’63, FE’65, died Aug. 2. He was 86. Dr. Shepherd is survived by his wife, Sarah; children Frank, David, Elizabeth and Steven; and five grandchildren.

Jan van Eys, MD, PhD, clinical professor of Pediatrics, emeritus, died Sept. 24. He was 93. Dr. van Eys is survived by his daughter, D. Catherine Fuchs, MD, professor of Psychiatry; his son, J. Peter van Eys, MDiv, D. Min; daughter-in-law, Patti Parkison van Eys, PhD; his partner, Judith Hodges; grandchildren Peter Dane van Eys, MDiv (Kielee Hobgood), Christian Jan Fuchs, MD, and Paul Adam Fuchs, MD (Alexis Braun); and two great-grandchildren. He is predeceased by his wife, Catherine van Eys, MEd; his son-in-law, Howard Fuchs, MD, professor of Medicine; and his grandson Jan David van Eys.

Medford S. Webster, PhD, Emeritus Faculty – University, died May 12. He was 90. Dr. Webster is survived by his daughters F. Amelia, Sarah and L. Amanda; seven grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

Paul W. Welch III, BA’62, MD’66, died May 28. He was 82. Dr. Welch is survived by his daughter, Lisa, and four grandchildren.

Henry Yeager, Jr., MD, HS’58, died June 28. He was 88. Dr. Yeager is survived by his wife, Sandy; daughter Margie; and three grandchildren.