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VUSM Class of 2019

Posted by on Thursday, September 3, 2015 in Did you know?, Summer 2015 .

For the 91 members of the 140th class at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, the first day of medical school began on July 15. The admissions team led by Alice Coogan, M.D., and David Bader, Ph.D., admitted that each year selecting students from the strong applicant pool becomes more challenging. “We have had outstanding classes over the past years and our students bring an incredible wealth of talent, energy and drive,” Coogan said. “VUSM provides a unique environment where students are concurrently challenged and supported to bring out the best in them. Our goal is to identify and recruit individuals who will use that environment to thrive.” Take a look at the Class of 2019. It’s an impressive group. Select a graphic below to reveal data points.





The Class of 2019 represents a wide range of talent and accomplishments.

Many of our incoming students did research and have been published.

Some have done intense service work and EMT service and have earned PhDs.

There are 10 college varsity athletes in the class.

Others have climbed mountains, and performed stand up comedy.