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Vanderbilt Medical Alumni Association e-Host Program

Match Day 2021

Match Day 2019

Match Day 2021

Welcome to the Vanderbilt Medical Alumni Association e-Host Program, pivoted from a traditional Host Program in fall 2020. Each fall, our senior medical students (VMS IVs) begin their quest for the perfect residency match, often interviewing at over 15 programs across the nation. For the current virtual interview world, e-Hosts meet electronically with members of our senior class to offer advice and guidance.

If you are not a current VMAA e-Host Program participant, would you consider joining the 300+ Vanderbilt Medical Alumni who are actively participating with this program? Become an e-Host participant!

Host information will be accessible to VMS III and VMS IV students through the Vanderbilt student password-protected portal. Students can search by city, specialty, or training program to locate a connection in their interview destinations.

Questions? Please email the VMAA