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2018-2019 Journal Club Schedule

Aug. 28th– No Seminar
Sept. 4th- Maria Hadjifrangiskou: Protein aggregates encode epigenetic memory of stressful encounters in individual Escherichia coli cells
Sept. 11th- Tom Stricker: Enhancer mapping uncovers phenotypic heterogeneity and evolution in patients with luminal breast cancer
Sept. 18th- Heather Pua: Adipose Tissue Macrophage-Derived Exosomal miRNAs Can Modulate In Vivo and In Vitro Insulin Sensitivity
Sept. 25th- Neil Osheroff: A Bacterial Chromosome Structuring Protein Binds Overtwisted DNA to Stimulate Type II Topoisomerases and Enable DNA Replication
Oct. 2nd– Kathy Gould: A flat BAR protein promotes actin polymerization at the base of clathrin-coated pits
Oct. 9th– Rachelle Johnson: Intravital microscopy of osteolytic progression and therapy response of cancer lesions in the bone
Oct. 16th– Maulik Patel: Parkin and PINK1 mitigate STING-induced inflammation
Oct. 23rd– Barbara Fingleton: Neutrophil extracellular traps produced during inflammation awaken dormant cancer cells in mice
Oct. 30th– Kristen Ogden: Vesicle-Cloaked Virus Clusters Are Optimal Units for Inter-organismal Viral Transmission
Nov. 6th– No Seminar
Nov. 13th– David Miller: γ-Neurexin and Frizzled Mediate Parallel Synapse Assembly Pathways Antagonized by Receptor Endocytosis
Nov. 20th– Thanksgiving Week / No Seminar
Nov. 27th– Kevin Schey: cGAS drives non-canonical inflammasome activation in age-related macular degeneration
Dec. 4th– No Seminar
Dec. 11th– Alan Brash: Ferroptosis: An Iron-Dependent Form of Nonapoptotic Cell Death and Dependency of a therapy-resistant state of cancer cells on a lipid peroxidase pathway
Jan. 8th– No Seminar
Jan. 15th– Marija Zanic: Severing enzymes amplify microtubule arrays through lattice GTP-tubulin incorporation
Jan. 22nd– James Dewar: Too much of a good thing- how telomerase causes replication catastrophe
Jan. 29th– Todd Graham: Does budding yeast have a minimal endosomal system?
Feb. 6th– Matt Tyska: PLoS Pathog
Feb. 12th– Rebecca Ihrie: Controlling the message – mTORC1-dependent regulation of translation and the link to differentiation
Feb. 19th– Jonathan Irish: Dimensionality reduction for visualizing single –cell data using UMAP
Feb. 27th– Kathy Friedman: Mechanism of leading strand DNA replication initiation
March 5th– Julie Sterling: S100A9-induced overexpression of PD-1/PD-L1 contributes to ineffective hematopoiesis in myelodysplastic syndromes
March 12th– Ron Emeson: Inosine induces context-dependent recoding and translational stalling
March 19th– Bill Tansey: CDK12 phosphorylates 4E-BP1 to enable mTORC1-dependent translation and mitotic genome stability
March 26th– Peggy Kendall: BCR affinity differentially regulates colonization of the subepithelial dome and infiltration into germinal centers within Peyer’s patches
April 2nd– Eric Skaar: Dietary trehalose enhances virulence of epidemic Clostridium difficile
April 9th– No Seminar
April 16th– Ela Knapik: Craniofacial and axial skeleton features caused by genome variation in Wnt pathway gene, dishevelled