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Resources for Current Students

This page is a resource for current students in the Epidemiology PhD program. It contains forms that are required by the Graduate School and the PhD program for various stages of the degree program as well as resources to help you in your studies, such as guidelines for preparing your dissertation.

We hope that you find this page useful. Please send any suggestions for this page to the Program Manager.

Program Handbook

For more details about our program policies and expectations, please feel free to review our Program Handbook. (updated October 2022)

Forms for the PhD Program

All forms listed below will need to be signed by the Director Of Graduate Studies (and additional faculty in some cases) and submitted to the Graduate School via their secure web submission portal. Forms may also be turned into them at 117 Alumni Hall.

NOTE: When completing forms for the Graduate School, always use the correct title for faculty listed on your forms.

Class Registration Forms

Use the forms below to request approval for module and independent study courses.

EPID 8332 Module Request

Request for Independent Study

Appointing a PhD Committee

Before scheduling your Qualifying Exam, you must appoint a PhD committee. Use this from:

Request to Appoint a PhD Committee

Request to Change a PhD Committee

Qualifying Exam

The following forms are used for the Qualifying Exam (also known as the Proposal Defense):

Request to Schedule a Qualifying Examination

Request to Reschedule or Cancel Qualifying Examination

Qualifying Exam Results

The Qualifying Exam Results Form may include verifiable digital/electronic or physical signatures. If gathering physical signatures, bring the QE results form with you on the day of your exam so that you can get it signed by all of your PhD committee members.

Request to Schedule a Final Defense

You will need to submit a Request to Schedule a Final Defense at least two weeks before your intended defense date. Defenses may be held virtually or in-person.

Dissertation Resources

The Graduate School outlines the following information on their website regarding dissertation submission:

  1. For degree conferral at May commencement ceremony and August or December graduate dates, complete the Intent to Graduate Form through the YES Student portal.
  2. For intra-term degree conferral, complete an Application for Intra-term Graduation for the month you plan to graduate. Deadline dates are listed in the table on the Intra-term Graduation website. You may choose to walk in the May commencement ceremony that follows your degree conferral.
  3. Obtain final approval of your document content from your thesis/dissertation director and committee members.
  4. Follow the Guidelines set forth in the Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines for assistance with formatting.
  5. Submit your thesis to VIREO for format review. For questions or to request an in person format review, contact
  6. Following format approval, submit final document via VIREO.

Authors determine the access to their work when creating their VIREO account. The availability can be changed at a later time by the author or by a graduate school staff member, with permission from the author.

Epi PhD Program Dissertation Guidance

The Epi PhD program has provided additional dissertation preparation and submission information below.


General Timeline For Epi Doctoral Program

Examination Timeline Leading to Dissertation Defense


Dissertation Notes

Protocol and Common Courtesies for Dealing with Your Dissertation Committee

General Guidelines for the Dissertation Proposal


Example of a Dissertation

Additional dissertation examples can be found in our Alumni Profiles.

***This information and the attached forms are intended to be a resource for you as you progress through the PhD program. Please note that the Graduate School has the most up-to-date forms and guidelines for graduation requirements, and as such will supersede any information listed on this website.***