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Mission of POD 3

To be the premier administrative unit at our institution by providing accurate and timely pre and post award financial management and HR data having identified sustainable systems which result in less bureaucracy and redundancy and increased speed and efficiency while maintaining a concise right- sized workforce with a clearly  established chain of command and authority.

Vision Tagline:  Providing timely, accurate data and services through collaborative innovation and agility

Mission Statement:
POD 3’s mission is to provide the best possible experience for our faculty with regard to financial and administrative needs.  Agility, accuracy and collaborative initiatives will enable us to move quickly and offer value added solutions.  We will continuously seek new ways of working smarter for better results. We do this to provide our faculty and staff the tools they need to make decisions and advance excellence in their scientific endeavors.

  • Goals:
    • Establish metrics for analysis of right sizing and ensuring that the structure is working well.
    • Minimize bureaucracy in a more streamlined organization; reduce redundancy
    • Need a clear understanding of reporting structure up the chain of command
    • Need to implement new systems reducing redundancy and the need for shadow systems
    • Ability to act quickly by ensuring we have clearly defined authority within the POD for Leadership Council and CBO.
    • Develop consistent, acceptable reporting mechanisms and communicate timely
    • Align with the values and culture of our organizational structure
    • Ensure the strength and vitality of the POD through a sound leadership team
  • Values/Abilities/Culture:
    • Embrace change and agility
    • Conceptualize and transform ambiguity into clarity
    • Inspire optimism
    • Nurture curiosity and differences
    • Encourage calculated risk takers
    • Promote unity and personal growth
    • Foster professional relationships across departments/universities
    • Instill integrity, passion and accountability among all
    • Applaud efficiency and new ways of doing things
    • Challenge limits