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Open House event coming in Fall 2020


Each year several Training Programs hosts an Open House for prospective graduate students interested in pursuing biomedical research. Over the years, the Open House has increased the visibility of graduate programs at Vanderbilt among prospective students, many of whom are from smaller institutions with limited exposure to biomedical research.


T R A I N I N G  P R O G R A M S
E N V I R O N M E N T A L    T O X I C O L O G Y
M O L E C U L A R  B I O P H Y S I C S
C H E M I C A L    B I O L O G Y    I N T E R F A C E
C H E M I C A L  B I O L O G Y  O F  I N F E C T I O U S  D I S E A S E


2  0  1  8     O  P  E  N     H  O  U  S  E     A  G  E  N  D  A

Location: Vanderbilt University School of Medicine • Medical Research Building (MRBIII, Biological Sciences)
Date: Friday and Saturday, November 2-3, 2018


FRIDAY November 2nd, 2018

5:00 – 7:00 PM Reception
Medical Research Building (MRBIII, Biological Sciences) 1st floor (lobby)

SATURDAY November 3rd, 2018

8:00 AM Registration, Lobby-Medical Research Building (MRBIII – 1st floor)
Continental breakfast

8:30 AM Welcome, 1220 MRBIII
Frederick P. Guengerich, Ph.D.
Director of Training Program in Environmental Toxicology
Professor of Biochemistry
Tadashi Inagami Professor of Biochemistry

8:45 AM “Computational Modeling of Host-Pathogen Interactions”
Ivelin Georgiev, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Pathology, Microbiology, Immunology

9:15 AM “Nuclear Lipid Structure Genomics and Chemical Biology”
Ray Blind, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry

9:45 AM Coffee Break

10:00 AM “Coordination of Protein Folding Pathways Revealed by Interactome Proteomics”
Lars Plate, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Chemistry

10:30 AM “Training for a future in Toxicology”
Frederick P. Guengerich, Ph.D., Director of Training Program in Environmental Toxicology, Professor of Biochemistry, Tadashi Inagami Professor of Biochemistry

11:00 AM Tour Research Facilities

12:30 PM Lunch

1:30 PM The Graduate Student Experience
Panel of graduate students

2:30 PM Closing Remarks
Borden Lacy, Ph.D.
Professor of Pathology, Microbiology, Immunology
Edward and Nancy Fody Chair in Pathology