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2022 Symposium


2022 VCSCB Symposium
Wilson Hall and Lobby
May19, 2022

Thursday, May 19                 

Morning session (Rebecca Ihrie and Eunyoung Choi co-moderators)

8:30     Badge Pick-Up/Continental Breakfast – Wilson Hall Lobby

9:00     Welcome and Introductions
            Ed Levine, Ph.D. & Michelle Southard-Smith, Ph.D

9:10     Ethan Lippmann, Ph.D.
            “Reactive astrocyte transitions and their contributions to blood-brain barrier dysfunction”

9:35     Elma Zaganjor, Ph.D.
            “The role of mitochondrial metabolism in cell fate”

10:00     Coffee Break

10:20     Gabriella Robertson (Gama Lab)
              “Efffective mitochondrial & peroxisomal fission disrupts neurogenesis”

10:35     Loic Fort, Ph.D. (Macara Lab)
              “Apoptotic Find-me Signals are an Essential Driver of Stem Cell Conversion
to the Cardiac Lineage”

10:50     Keynote Speaker – Jared Rutter, Ph.D. (Introductions by Ed Levine)
              Metabolism, Cellular Decisions and the Language that Unites Them”

Midday session

11:40     Box Lunch/Posters   – Wilson Hall Lobby

Afternoon session (Vivian Gama and Kathy DelGiorno co-moderators)

1:45     Jennifer Sucre, Ph.D.
            “The Time Traveler’s Lung: Untangling Lung Development and regeneration
Single-Cell Resolution”

2:10     Jonathan Brunger, Ph.D.
            “Artificial Cell Control Modules to Advance Cell Therapies and
Synthetic Morphogenesis”       

2:35     Justin Avila (Southard-Smith Lab)
            “Effects of Sox100N Murine Enteric Nervous System Lineage Allocation”

2:50     Lindsey Guerin (Hodges Lab)
            “Multi-level epigenome profiling reveals temporally distinct role for DNAme at cell
             fate specifying enhancers during early differentiation”

3:05     Break

3:20     Keynote Speaker – Tatjana Sauka-Spengler, Ph.D.
            (Introductions by Michelle Southard-Smith)
            “Using functional genomics to define gene regulatory networks in development,
             evolution, and disease”

4:20     Closing Remarks – Mark Magnuson, M.D.