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Michael Waterman

Headshot of Professor Michael Waterman wearing a dark blazer, red striped tie, and eyeglasses.
Michael “Mike” Waterman, Ph.D.

Michael R. Waterman, Ph.D., was the Natalie Overall Warren Professor and Chair of the Department of Biochemistry from 1992-2010. His leadership skills at Vanderbilt were characterized by his calm and thoughtful approach to the management of the Biochemistry Department and advocacy for faculty needs. The Department expanded significantly and thrived under his direction. Dr. Waterman’s research was focused on cytochrome P450 enzymes and related proteins. It led to a better understanding of processes underlying hormonal disturbances and provides the basis for developing better anti-fungal drugs, defining the potential roles of steroid metabolism in the control of human parasites, and many other issues of clinical importance. He mentored 12 Ph.D. candidates and more than 50 postdoctoral research fellows.

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