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Departmental Retreat

2022 April 22-23, Chattanooga — Please respond to the retreat Survey.

Next Retreat likely to be held in Fall of 2023.

12:00 – 1:00 PM


January 21: David MacAlpine, Duke University, “Replication Initiation, DNA Repair and Nucleosome Assembly through the Lens of Chromatin Occupancy,” 208 Light Hall (Dewar hosts)

February 18: John Svaren, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Targets and Biomarkers for Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease,” 202 Light Hall (Carter & Sanders host)

March 4:  Lubomir Hnilica Lecture, Cynthia Wolberger, Johns Hopkins University, “Molecular Basis of Histone Code Cross-Talk,” 202 Light Hall (Breann Brown hosts)

March 8, Special Guest Lecture, Gabriel A. Frank, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, In-Person,11:00 am, 618 LH  (host Osheroff)

March 10: Discovery Science Emerging Scholar lecture, Theresa Loveless, University of California at Irvine, “Ordered DNA Writing Enables Lineage Tracing and Analog Recording in Mammalian Cells,” 202 Light Hall (James Dewar hosts)

April 1: Eric Enemark, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, “Structure of an MCM Ring Encircling Bona Fide Melted DNA Suggests a Key Aspect of Replication Initiation,” 202 Light Hall (Dewar and Eichman host)

April 15:  Ileana Cristea, Princeton University, “Viral Infection-driven Organelle Remodeling Viewed Through the Lens of Proteomics,” 202 Light Hall (Schey & Sanders host)

May 6:  Naoko Mizuno, NIH, “Decision making processes of Cell shape formation analyzed by cryo-EM,” 208 Light Hall (Will Wan hosts), Co-sponsored by the Center for Structural Biology.

May 20:  Craig Cameron, UNC, “Antiviral therapy: Towards the personal and the precise,” Zoom only (Fred Guengerich hosts)

Dissertation Defense


4:00 – 5:00 PM, 208 Light Hall

The next scheduled Biochemistry Flexner Discovery Lecture is TBD. Please check back here for updates.

In recent years, the Department of Biochemistry has hosted such illustrious speakers as: Jennifer Doudna, Peter Agre, Karl Deisseroth, Joan Steitz, NIDA Director Nora Volkow, Nancy Andrews, and several Nobel Prize winners (Sydney Brenner, Tom Cech, Andrew Fire, Bengt Samuelsson, Kurt Wuthrich, Sir Paul Nurse, and in 2017 Eric Kandel). View a full listing of all Vanderbilt Flexner Discovery Lectures, past and present. Lectures are recorded and may be viewed online.


Spring 2022  12:00 PM CT

1/14/2022:  Jorge Rua (Cortez lab), “Analysis of HMCES-DPC removal in human cells”

1/28/2022:  Mac Castro (Sanders lab), “Development and application of a high-throughput approach to discover small molecule ligands for single-span transmembrane proteins”

2/11/2022:  Susu Zhang

2/25/2022:  Samika Joshi

3/11/2022:  Kate Clowes & Jessica Collins

3/25/2022:  Oyku Sensoy, Verda Agan

4/8/22: TBA

4/22/2022:  Kateryna NabukhotnaYelena Perevalova

4/29/2022:  10:30 am, 214 Light Hall, Dr. David Cortez, “Discussion addressing mental wellness”

5/13/2022: 12:00 pm, 208 Light Hall, Kateryna Nabukhotna (Lacy lab), “Investigating the Role of Clostridioides difficile Transferase Toxin in Inflammasome Activation”