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12:20 PM, 1220 MRB III

January 19, 2021: James Hutchison, “We’re All in This Together: Choosing the Right RAFTing Partners” (Sponsored by the Center for Structural Biology) Contact us for Zoom info.

12:00 – 1:00 PM via Zoom

April 2, 2021: Chrystal Starbird, Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale University, Department of Pharmacology: “Structural Basis of TAM Receptor Oligomerization.”  (Iverson/Discovery Science Emerging Scholars host)  See abstract, zoom contact here.

April 9, 2021: Joe Loparo (Dewar/Olivares host) via Zoom

April 23, 2021: Andre Nussenzwieg (Dewar/Cortez host) via Zoom

April 30, 2021: Sharon Cantor (Dewar/Cortez host) via Zoom

Sept 24, 2021: Tanja Mittag (Iverson/Chazin/Sanders/CSB host) via Zoom

Dissertation Defense

January 11, 2021: Vaughn Thada (Cortez Lab), “A common mechanism of ATR activation by TOPBP1 and ETAA1,” 1:00 pm, Zoom  Flyer

January 18, 2021, Corey Eduardo Hayford (Quaranta lab), “Disentangling sources of phenotypic variability in oncogene-addicted cancers,” 10:00 am  Flyer

4:00 – 5:00 PM, 208 Light Hall

The next scheduled Biochemistry Flexner Discovery Lecture is TBD. Please check back here for updates.

In recent years, the Department of Biochemistry has hosted such illustrious speakers as: Jennifer Doudna, Peter Agre, Karl Deisseroth, Joan Steitz, NIDA Director Nora Volkow, Nancy Andrews, and several Nobel Prize winners (Sydney Brenner, Tom Cech, Andrew Fire, Bengt Samuelsson, Kurt Wuthrich, Sir Paul Nurse, and in 2017 Eric Kandel). View a full listing of all Vanderbilt Flexner Discovery Lectures, past and present. Lectures are recorded and may be viewed online.

STUDENT COLLOQUIUM  Tuesdays, 4:00 – 5:00 PM     512 Light Hall

1/26/2021 Tata Kavlashvili
2/9/2021 Anna Eitel and Kaitlyn Browning
2/23/2021 TBA
3/9/2021 Emilio Rivera
3/23/2021 Sabrina Van Ravenstein and Beth Stivison
4/6/2021 Robert Mann and Jessica Hill
4/20/2021 Nicole Kendrick
5/4/2021 Esha Dalvie
5/18/2021 Kathryn Brewer and Ivette Perez

BSA Trivia

Virtual trivia with Seth from “Talk Nerdy To Me” Trivia
March 26 and May 14 at 4pm