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Biochemistry Post-doctoral fellows

Information for current postdoctoral fellows

Information for future postdoctoral fellows

Welcome to the Department of Biochemistry! We are glad that you are interested in our department for post-doctoral studies. Post-doctoral scholars in the Department of Biochemistry have access to cutting-edge technologies, world-class scientists, and thorough career training. Research interests of our faculty are diverse and include nucleic acid metabolism, structural biology, protein biochemistry, cellular signaling, cancer biology, and more. We invite you to contact our faculty members directly to discuss your specific research interests as a post-doctoral scholar. The department also sponsors post-doctoral scholar awards to fund the training of outstanding post-docs. See below for more information on the application process. Outside the lab, post-doctoral scholars are invited to develop presentation skills through participation in journal clubs and research-in-progress seminars. You will also have excellent opportunities to network with other scientists at departmental retreats, as part of the Frontiers in Biochemistry seminar series, and other events. Finally the BRET office has many career development opportunities aimed at post-doctoral trainees. Visit their website for more information.

  • Biochemistry investigators seeking postdoctoral fellows (link)
  • Destination Biochemistry (early) Postdoctoral Scholar Awards (link)
  • Current postdoctoral fellow awards (link)

Additional information

All post-doctoral scholars within the Department of Biochemistry have access to excellent career funding and resources and are members of Vanderbilt’s Post-Doctoral Association. They provide tools for campus-wide networking, re-location resources for moving to Nashville, and long-term career planning. In addition, we have an active Biochemistry post-doc association which works closely with our Biochemistry student association to plan activities and career development activities.

There are no teaching requirements for post-doctoral scholars at Vanderbilt, though if you are interested in this aspect of training, excellent resources are available through:

Thank you for your interest in post-doctoral studies in the Department of Biochemistry