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MS in Applied Clinical Informatics (MSACI)





Clinical Informatics Training for Working Health Professionals

Perfect for a diverse range of health care providers, our Master of Science in Applied Clinical Informatics (MSACI) offers rigorous and engaging training that will equip you to apply informatics principles to the challenges facing your workplace.

In the MS-ACI program, you will:

  • Complete 36 credits of clinical informatics coursework in 21 months
  • Gain 240 hours of practical experience working on interdisciplinary health IT teams
  • Implement a capstone project to address an informatics challenge in your current workplace
  • Network with world-renowned faculty from the largest biomedical informatics department in the world
  • Continue working full-time as you earn your degree

So, whether you’re a practicing physician looking to improve the IT experience in your organization or a public health official passionate about health systems data, the MS-ACI program could be just right for you!

Learn from a distance; grow right at home

Our program is designed in a primarily digital format to accommodate distance learning for working health professionals across the country. Through MSACI, you’ll complete 36 credits of coursework in a blended format that includes:

  • Virtual synchronous course meetings each Thursday, 5-8 p.m. CT
  • Asynchronous components, such as lectures, lab projects, and discussion posts with your cohort

What’s more, through 240 hours of practical experience and a mentored capstone project, you’ll put the concepts you learn in class into practice right where you work each day.

A is for “Applied”

In our program, you’ll apply the theoretical concepts of clinical informatics from day one. Whether you’re a primary care provider, a veterinarian, or a pharmacist, MSACI courses will provide you with a highly practical understanding of the role of information technology in the care process.

At the end of the 21 months, you will be equipped to:

  • Address the specific informatics challenges facing your workplace
  • Analyze large data sets, including genomic, EHR, and consumer-driven data
  • Contribute to an information systems division or as Chief Information Officer in a clinical setting
  • Pursue an AMIA Health Informatics Certification
  • Join the next generation of clinical informatics leaders

Collaborate with National Experts in Health IT

Our medical center is home to the largest department of biomedical informatics in the world. Your instructors will be national leaders in clinical informatics, often with joint appointments in health IT at VUMC. Just like you, they come from a range of health backgrounds, from anesthesiology to pharmacy, and they’re actively engaged in boots-on-the-ground work in informatics in healthcare settings.

Regardless of your current work environment, you’ll benefit from the resources and academic expertise of our highly ranked medical center and professional programs. During your capstone and practicum, you’ll have the chance to collaborate closely with VUMC Health IT and be mentored by experts in your interest area.

Mission Statement

To provide innovative clinical informatics education for working professionals in the health care field, with graduates assuming leadership roles in the application and innovation of clinical informatics nationally, applying their skills and knowledge to make a tangible difference for individuals and systems in health and biomedicine. 


Our Alumni Say:


“The MS-ACI program at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine enabled me to acquire solid skills in clinical informatics following a research fellowship, and build a very rich professional network with other students and teachers. The skills I acquired enabled me to develop a medical team around the clinical information system in my university hospital, and they have enabled me to be recognized as an expert in clinical informatics.”

Francois Bastardot, MD, MS-ACI
Chief Medical Information Officer
Lausanne University Hospital, Switzerland


“I am thrilled with the knowledge and experiences that I gained through the MSACI program at Vanderbilt. I now use my informatics skills almost daily, as a physician EMR builder, division chief, and Associate Director of my department’s perioperative informatics research group. One of the most unique parts of the program is the amazing faculty, with expertise in every facet of informatics. The Department of Biomedical Informatics at Vanderbilt is truly one-of-a-kind, and the education you’ll gain here can prepare you for any future informatics role.”

Holly Ende, MD, MS-ACI
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology; Division Chief, Obstetric Anesthesiology
Vanderbilt University Medical Center


“The MS-ACI program has had an immense and immediate impact on my career. Shortly after completion of the program I was directly able to apply my knowledge to challenging problems in the Cancer Center. In the last year I have made many impactful informatics changes that have helped both patients and faculty. Vanderbilt’s MS-ACI program has prepared me well for these challenges, and I am looking forward to furthering my informatics career.”

Christopher Abraham, MD, MS-ACI
Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology
Washington University, St. Louis


“One of the utmost valuable aspects of obtaining an MS-ACI is the chance to learn from knowledgeable and accomplished professors, alongside engaging with a diverse group of students who share this unique educational experience. The MS-ACI degree is designed to cultivate leadership skills by consistently challenging students, both by professors and peers, to showcase their best throughout the curriculum. Rather than encouraging imitation, Vanderbilt’s program emphasizes innovation. It stands out as the premier biomedical informatics program globally, primarily due to its exceptional faculty and staff.”

Anand “Andy” Mohan, MD, MBA, MS-ACI
Principal Healthcare Strategist
Medignite Consulting


“As a software developer with limited formal education in the healthcare domain, I learned about the US health care system, the evolution of informatics, and best practice methods to apply clinical informatics to real-world problems. These perspectives guide my decisions as a director of application development at VUMC. In addition to the content from courses, my interactions with fellow students gave me a much broader and deeper appreciation of the context for the problems we solve and the essential interplay between people, process, and technology.”

Dan Albert, MS-ACI
Director, HealthIT Product Development
Vanderbilt University Medical Center


“This program has been instrumental in developing the core knowledge and competencies required in my role. As an interventional cardiologist based in Singapore, I greatly appreciated the program’s fully online state. This allowed me to continue my clinical practice and still learn about clinical informatics. In addition to technical knowledge, I have benefited greatly from management tips, human resources management, and financial budgets. These are not often thought to be related to clinical informatics but are actually immensely useful to me now.”

Jason Chen Zhengfeng, MD, MS-ACI
Consultant Cardiologist, Assistant Chief Medical Informatics Officer
National University Hospital, Singapore


A man in a tan jacket stands in front of window panes indoors

“Clinical Informatics was merely a fascination of mine until I enrolled in this program. The Vanderbilt MS-ACI transformed my career into one with Clinical Informatics at its core. My research, educational, operational activities, hospital role, and even casual conversations at work profoundly shifted to revolve around Clinical Informatics after the MS-ACI.”

Wael Alrifai, MD, MS-ACI
Medical Director of Pediatric Informatics
Vanderbilt University Medical Center