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Tuition and Fees

MSACI Program tuition and fees are paid prior to each academic term (Year 1: Fall, Spring, Summer; Year 2: Fall, Spring). There is no part-time status. Rates are set annually by the Board of Trust and are subject to change without notice.

Academic Year 2021/2022

Year 1 Tuition: $48,135

Year 2 Tuition: $13,754

Transcript Fee: $100 (one-time fee)

Student Services Fee: $281 Fall, $281 Spring, $96 Summer

Student Health Fee: $348 Fall, $348 Spring, $102 Summer

Student Health Insurance Fee (can be waived): 1,757.50 Fall, $1,757.50 Spring

For the most up to date information and explanation of fees, please visit the following websites:

Financial Aid

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine participates in the Federal Direct Student Loan Program, which offers low-fixed rate loans. For more information, visit the Student Financial Aid website or contact Heather Boutell, Director of Financial Aid, at