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Director of Trainee Engagement & Well-being

The Director of Trainee Engagement & Well-being (DTEAWB) is meant to serve the BRET trainees by supporting their care needs and creating intentional opportunities to gather as a community. The DTEAWB partners with various campus partners to identify paths of care for multiple situations that may impact a BRET trainee.


RC Stabile, Ed.D.

Director of Trainee Engagement & Well-being

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Helpful Links

Community Development – Field Trip Series

BRET Field Trips are an opportunity to connect with fellow BRET graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. These opportunities are monthly, and participation will be determined by raffle. Each trip will be opened roughly a week before the event.

Have an idea for a Field Trip? Let RC know!


Educational Opportunities

The Lunch & Learn Series is an opportunity for the BRET community to gather and learn about various topics throughout the semester.

Examples include:

  • Trainee Well-being: A Guide to Vanderbilt Wellness Resources
  • Clifton Strengths Workshops  
  • Making Cents of Money: Financial Wellness for Graduate Students
  • Let’s Rumble: How to Have Tough Conversations
  • ADHD Management
  • Failure CVs (Faculty members share their experience with failing)
  • Nutrition Workshops & Cooking Classes