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Chalkley Fund

In recognition of Roger Chalkley, retired senior associate dean for biomedical research education and training, Dr. Tom Daniel, a former Vanderbilt professor, biotechnology R&D leader, and venture investor, established the Dr. Roger Chalkley Critical Need Fund to support biomedical graduate students who encounter unanticipated financial challenges.

Examples of what this new fund will support include, but are not limited to:

  • Travel funds for family emergencies
  • Unexpected major car repairs
  • Unexpected healthcare costs not covered by health insurance
  • Temporary housing assistance in the event of a natural disaster

More information about this fund, how students can apply for it, and how you can contribute to it, can be found here.

This fund serves as a continuation of Dr. Chalkley’s legendary commitment to Ph.D. students and his unwavering support of students during times of need.

To honor Dr. Chalkley and to support Ph.D. students facing uncertainty, please consider making a gift to the fund.