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Changing Research Groups

Experience has taught us that despite a rotation system for choosing a mentor, not all mentor-mentee matches are successful in the long-term. If a student has consulted with their thesis committee chair (provided they are sufficiently advanced to have one), their Director of Graduate Studies, and an Auxiliary Mentor of their choosing, and come to the decision that changing mentors will allow them to thrive in their graduate studies, the BRET Office will provide financial support to the student during the transition to a new group. Specifically, the BRET office will support any student who matriculated through the IGP, QCB, or was a direct admit to a School of Medicine program that accepts students from the IGP and QCB, to conduct up to two month-long rotations in any group within the School of Medicine led by a member of the graduate faculty that has expressed an interest in considering the student for pursuit of their thesis research. To begin this process, please contact the Senior Associate Dean for BRET, Dr. Walter Chazin.

Effective 1/1/2022