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Health and Wellness


RC Stabile, Ed.D.

Director of Trainee Engagement & Well-being

Dr. RC Stabile has worked in the academic arena since 2013, focusing on student care, crisis management, and leadership development. Currently, he serves as the Director of Engagement & Well-being at the School of Medicine in the BRET Office. Dr. Stabile spent the first six years at Vanderbilt University working as an Area Coordinator for Housing and Residential Experience and as an Academic Life Coach in the Graduate School. Dr. Stabile serves as a VUceptor for the undergraduate community as well. Dr. Stabile is passionate about financial literacy, Olympic lifting, and Survivor (yes, that show is still on).

Dr. Stabile will be coordinating community engagement opportunities for the BRET trainees and serving as the liaison for the BRETT/UCC partnership. Should you need to schedule a time to discuss resources available to you as a BRET student about your well-being please either email him at or use his Calendly link.
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