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For New Faculty: Quick Start Guide on Training Students

Welcome to your affiliation with the BRET office! We are excited to help you get oriented so that you can effectively navigate the resources for training students

IGP/QCB Open lab lists

IGP and QCB students can only rotate with faculty who are on the “Open Lab List”, which is a list of faculty who wish to host graduate students and are approved by graduate programs to host students. Faculty wishing to join the OLL must have an appointment with the graduate school. They should also have met with their faculty affairs office, Dr. Kathy Gould, the Senior Associate Dean of BRET, and the DGS of each graduate program they are associated with. Rotation mentors must also have completed in-person mentor training:

First year application materials

When considering students for a rotation, you can access their application materials here. In order to get access to this database, please complete this form and send it to Lindsay Meyers.

Training Grants

US Citizens and Permanent residents who join a lab are eligible for one of our Training Grants. However, a faculty member must commit to a student before they know if a student receives a Training Grant position. A list of training grants to consider becoming affiliated with is available here:

Admissions/Interview documentation access

Our admission software is called Slate. Please complete this form to be given access to Slate.

  1. Directions for the form
    1. If you have not previously completed FERPA training, please navigate to and do so.
    2. On the attached form, please fill out the following; We will take care of the rest.
      1. Name
      2. VU Net ID
      3. Email
      4. check FERPA Acknowledgement box
      5. Employee Signature
      6. Date.

Faculty Databases

Our broad Faculty Database, includes all of the faculty affiliated with VU Basic Sciences and VUMC. This is automatically fed information from your faculty appointment, but you can update it if you would like.

Updating faculty profile:

  1. Log into
  2. Click “Faculty Database”, then on “Profile Management”, then “Descriptors”. Fill in both “Description” and “Key words”.
  3. If you have problems logging in, please email Lindsay Meyers.

Get Connected

Please find a list of relevant events, including our Biomedical Seminar Series Calendar

We have an active Twitter community. Connect with us at the following handles:

@BiomedVandy: Graduate Student Twitter

@VUBasicSciences: Research Highlights of VU Basic Sciences