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Emily Hodges

Department of Biochemistry
Vanderbilt Genetics Institute (VGI)
Program in Developmental Biology (PDB)

Primary research in the Hodges lab is focused on DNA methylation and non-coding gene regulatory variation in evolution, development and disease. In particular, we study dynamic changes in the epigenome during cellular fate transitions using innovative genomic and bioinformatic approaches.

Research in the Hodges Lab strives to understand how epigenetic features shape human genomes. We study this relationship on two levels; first, we are interested in how DNA methylation states are established in differentiating cells. Second, we are interested in the relationship between genotype and DNA methylation state (epitype).

Keywords: Epigenetics , Functional Genomics , DNA Methylation , Stem cell development , Bioinformatics , Next-Gen Sequencing , Cellular Differentiation , Non-coding Gene Regulation

Research Area: Computational and Systems Biology , Stem Cell Biology & Regeneration , Genomics , Developmental Biology , Cancer Biology , Gene Regulation