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Training Grants

Training grant support from the BRET Office consists of two components. First, we offer substantial support for the application process (competitive renewal or submission of an entirely new application), and second, we are able to support the management of the grant itself after an award has been made.

List of Biomedical Training Grants Managed by BRET
List of Biomedical Training Grants Not Managed by BRET

1). A new or renewing application.

We strongly recommend that any faculty member considering applying for training grant support first contact the BRET Office ( with at least 12 weeks of advanced notice to arrange a pre-writing meeting. This meeting will allow for a discussion of the goals of the training grant, as well as a discussion of details of support that the BRET Office can provide for the application.

The BRET Office can supply critical support in three areas.

1. Once a faculty roster has been defined, the office will assist in the preparation of the tables and other components; these are dependent if the application is processed by Vanderbilt University or Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Getting this information can be challenging, working together with a knowledgeable team can make the process relatively painless.  For more information on NIH Grants Data Tables, please visit the NIH’s website on data tables.

2. The BRET office website has a substantial amount of text which is available for use in the construction of additional documentation of university activities in the areas of RCR training, minority recruiting, facilities information, and student recruiting activities in general.

3. We are happy to help in a constructive review of the proposal once early versions are made available.

Finally, the BRET Office tries hard to keep up with any and all changes in the application regulations and requirements, and will make this information available to the PI of a developing application. Details of current NIH expectations can be found at here.

Applications where predoctoral positions are being requested will route and be submitted by staff in the BRET Office.

BRET Training Grant Text & Information


Walter Chazin, PhD.

Senior Associate Dean, Biomedical Research Education and Training
Chancellor's Chair in Medicine
Professor of Biochemistry and Chemistry
Co-Director, Molecular Biophysics Training Program
Founding Director, Center for Structural Biology

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