Cancer Biology Student Association


The Cancer Biology Student Association (CBSA) welcomes you to our section of the Program In Cancer Biology website!

The CBSA is a service organization designed to aid students in the Program In Cancer Biology. It is intended to foster scientific interactions and strengthen the career development of students studying cancer biology. We provide a network through which graduate students may voice their opinions and enjoy the company of their peers.

Every year, the CBSA hosts many student organized events, which you can browse through by following the links on this site. These events include numerous academic, social, and charitable activities.

The CBSA also serves as a great source of information for first year students and more experienced students alike. We organize a spring methodology course for second year students preparing for their qualifying exams, and we also organize mock exams with senior grad students to assist the second years with questions and suggestions. Our seminar series is intended to stimulate students to begin thinking about their future careers early in their educations by providing awareness of science-related careers, both within and outside of academia. The series is also designed to strengthen non-research-related skills pertinent to careers in science such as grantsmanship, science writing, and presentation development.

The CBSA invites you to join us at any of our upcoming events. Please follow the links on this site for more information about upcoming events! If you need further information about graduate student events in general, please visit the Graduate Student Council website.