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Mission of the Program in Cancer Biology

To train new leaders in the field of Cancer Biology that will develop new knowledge that will translate into improved detection, diagnosis, prognosis, prevention, or treatment of cancer.

Research Areas of Emphasis

  • Cancer Immunity, host tumor interactions, and angiogenesis
  • Cancer Precision Medicine—targeted therapies and drug resistance using mouse modeling, human tumor tissues, and systems approaches
  • Bioinformatic analyses of tumor heterogeneity including genome, proteome, metabolome, and immunome components during tumor progression
  • Basic Cancer Biology—tumor progression, invasion and metastasis

Steering Committee

Ann Richmond, Program Director

Jin Chen, Director of Graduate Studies

Roger Chalkley

Barbara Fingleton

Hal Moses

Kimryn Rathmell

Julie Sterling

Alissa Weaver

Chris Williams

News & Events

New Grants! In Jin Chen’s lab Eileen Shiuan received an NIH F30, and Larua Kim received F31 awards. Deanna Edwards received a postdoctoral fellowship from the Komen Foundation.

In Alissa Weaver’s lab Caitlin McAtee received an American Heart Association postdoctoral fellowship and Lizandra Jimenez was awarded a Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA postdoctoral fellowship from the NIH.

In Rebecca Ihrie’s lab, A. Mistry received a RUNN/Society of Neurological Surgeons research grant.  Dr. Ihrie and Dr. Irish received a Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation grant to support their cytomic studies of glioblastoma.