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Cancer Biology Training Grant

T-32 Microenvironment Influences in Cancer Training Program (MICTP)

One of the most rapidly developing frontiers in cancer research is the tumor microenvironment.  As stated in one NCI RFA “There is a critical need for integrated efforts to define stromal compartments in normal and malignant tissues, to delineate how the stroma co-evolves with the tumor, and to assess the impact of the stroma in the cancer initiation-progression-metastasis continuum”. The success of tumor immunotherapy highlights the importance of studying tumor microenvironment and cancer immunity.

Cancer Biology investigators involved in this T-32 training program focused on understanding the tumor microenvironment for many years.  Investigators working on tumor immunology have been recently recruited to this training program to reflect the importance of cancer immunity in the tumor microenvironment.  Therefore, training in this critical area of cancer research is necessary to build the workforce required to understand the complexities of the micro- environmental influence on cancer development and progression, and to translate this information into more effective and less toxic approaches to the treatment cancer.

The MICTP training program is currently in its 30th year with 6 student and 2 postdoctoral positions every year.  Over the past 30 years, we have been remarkably successful in recruiting and training excellent students and postdoctoral fellows, particularly those from groups underrepresented in science.  Our former trainees are now leaders in conducting cancer research in academic institutions or biotech and pharmaceutical industries, science administrators at NCI and private cancer research foundations, and hold jobs in science consulting, scientific writing, clinical trials, etc. (see Career outcomes).


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