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Track-specific Didactic Requirements

Chemical Biology Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics Imaging Science Systems Biology
Students must complete three of the following courses:

CHEM 5710, Bioorganic Chemistry

CPB 8320, Foundations in Chemical Biology

CHEM 5210, Organic Chemistry Structure and Mechanism

CHEM 5720, Drug and Design Development

CHEM 5220, Spectroscopic Identification of Organic Compounds

BCHM 8352, Analytical Proteomics

Similar advanced courses appropriate to the student’s research topic and can be substituted with approval from the GEC and thesis advisor.























Students must complete two of the following modules:

BCHM 8300, Introduction to Structural Biology

CPB 8307, Advanced Membrane Protein Biology

CPB 8308, Protein-Protein Interactions


And other elective courses appropriate to the student’s research topics, as determined by the GEC and the thesis advisor



















Three core courses:

BME 3110, Foundations of Medical Imaging or Physics & Astronomy 2805, Physics of Medical Imaging

BME 4410, Biological Basis of Imaging  or BME 4420, Quantitative and Functional Imaging

A course in mathematical methods, such as BME 7410A-C, Quantitative Methods in BME

Two or more elective courses, recommended to include an imaging science elective and a biological science elective.
















Six credits selected from the following quantitative courses:

IGP 8002: Quantitative Bioregulation Modules

BMIF 7311: Systems Biology

CANB 8347: Cancer Systems Biology

Physics 8124: Physical Measurements on Biological Systems

Physics 8126: Theoretical and Experimental Systems Biology

Physics 8122: Physics of Living Systems

Substitutions can be made with the approval of the GEC and the thesis advisor.

Three more credits selected from topical courses appropriate to the area of study.