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CPBP Events

2020 Leaders In CPB Annual Seminar

The guest speaker for the 5th Annual Leaders in CPB was Dr. Walter Chazin,

Research in Dr. Chazin’s  laboratory seeks the underlying molecular basis for the biological specificity and biochemical function of proteins and nucleic acids. The laboratory has two major research areas: Ca2+ signal transduction by EF-hand proteins and structural mechanisms of multi-protein assemblies. Ca2+ signal transduction has two major components, one in general understanding of the selectivity of different signaling pathways and the other specifically in signal transduction by S100 proteins. The research program in multi-protein assemblies has two major components as well. One is in DNA replication, recombination and repair, and the other in studies of protein ubiquitination machinery.

Past Speakers for Leaders in Chemical and Physical Biology Seminar

Dr. Larry Marnett

Dr. John Gore

Dr. John Wiksow

Dr. Hassane Mchaourab