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2020 Leaders In CPB Annual Seminar

The guest speaker for the 5th Annual Leaders in CPB will be Dr. Walter Chazin,

Research in Dr. Chazin’s  laboratory seeks the underlying molecular basis for the biological specificity and biochemical function of proteins and nucleic acids. The laboratory has two major research areas: Ca2+ signal transduction by EF-hand proteins and structural mechanisms of multi-protein assemblies. Ca2+ signal transduction has two major components, one in general understanding of the selectivity of different signaling pathways and the other specifically in signal transduction by S100 proteins. The research program in multi-protein assemblies has two major components as well. One is in DNA replication, recombination and repair, and the other in studies of protein ubiquitination machinery.

2020 Annual Student Retreat May, 2020

 Vanderbilt University 


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2019 Leaders In CPB Annual Seminar

The guest speaker for the 4th Annual Leaders in CPB was Dr. Larry Marnett.

The title of his seminar was Protein Modification Linked to Oxidative Metabolism.

Lawrence J. Marnett, Ph.D., is Dean of Basic Sciences of the School of Medicine,
University Professor, Mary Geddes Stahlman Professor of Cancer Research, and
Professor of Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Pharmacology. Marnett received his Ph.D. in
Chemistry from Duke University and did postdoctoral work at the Karolinska Institute
and Wayne State University. He began his academic career at Wayne State University
then moved to Vanderbilt in 1989.
Marnett’s research program focuses on the role of bioactive lipids in cancer and
inflammation. He is the author of over 500 research publications and 14 patents and has
received an American Cancer Society Faculty Research Award, an Outstanding
Investigator Award and a MERIT Award from the National Cancer Institute. He was the
first winner of the George and Christine Sosnovsky Award for Cancer Research from the
American Chemical Society. He is a Fellow of the American Association for the
Advancement of Science and a Fellow of the American Chemical Society. At Vanderbilt,
he was named a Harvey Branscomb Professor and won the Stanley Cohen Prize.
Marnett served as Associate Director of Basic Research of the Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer
Center from 1993-2002, Director of the Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology from
2002-2016 and Associate Vice-Chancellor for Research of the Vanderbilt University
School of Medicine from 2014-2016.