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CPB Student News

Conferences, Awards, Fellowships and Scholarships 

Haley Stubbs (Iverson Lab) was awarded the  NEI Vision Training Grant.

Oscar Ortega (Lopez Lab) was awarded the Pearson Fund Fellowship by the Biochemistry Department. The William N. Pearson Fund established in 1969 by multiple donors to support graduate students and post-doctoral trainees who are studying international nutrition at the Vanderbilt, School of Medicine. The fund was established in memory of Dr. William Pearson, former Professor of Biochemistry at the Vanderbilt School of Medicine.

Alexander Thiemicke (Neuert Lab) attended the Systems Immunology conference at Cold Spring Harbor, NY. This new conference brought together traditional immunologists with computational and systems biologists. Alex presented a poster titled: “Temporal kinetic changes of hypertonic stress differentially regulate MAPK signaling dynamics and cell fate in human immune cells”. Alex had many good interactions with faculty, students and journal editors.

Ian Setliff (Georgiev Lab) recently returned from the Keystone Symposium on HIV Vaccines, held in Whistler, Canada. Ian was awarded a Keystone Scholarship and also selected to give a talk entitled “High-throughput mapping of B-cell receptor sequences to antigen specificity”.
Outside of the conference, he took a gondola ride from mountain to mountain and explored the village of Whistler.

Andrea Perreault (Venters Lab)  attended a joint Keystone Symposia on 3D Genome: Gene Regulation and Disease, areas included were  epigenetics, chromatin, gene regulation, and human disease. It was held in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Andy was able to hear leaders in the field and newer investigators present their current research. She presented a poster “Enhancer-promoter interactions in erythroid cells”.  She was able to discuss science with students and faculty from around the world.  Outside of the conference activities she also adventured outside, including skiing at Lake Louise ski resort and hiking around the iconic Lake Louise.

Christian Meyer (Quaranta Lab) attended the Keystone Symposia: Phenotypic Drug Discovery: Recent Advances and Insights from Chemical and Systems Biology (C1).  The conference was held in Breckenridge CO in March 2019.  Christian presented a talk titled : A Consensus Framework for Calculating Drug Synergy.  At the conference he was  awarded a scholarship from the National Center for Advancing Translational Science (NCTS)

Vilma Jallinoja ( Houghton Lab) received a 3 year fellowship from The Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Cody Heiser  (Lau Lab) was awarded the  Russell G. Hamilton Graduate Leadership Institute, Travel Grant for Fall 2019.

Welcome 2019  CPB Students

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to the students who recently joined labs in the CPBP 2019. We look forward to your journey with us in CPBP.

Lee Cantrell- Schey Lab

Cody Heiser- Lau Lab

Dora Obodo- Hughey Lab

Alexandra Schwartz-Mchaourab Lab

Kavya Sharman-Caprioli Lab

Philip Stauffer- Karakas Lab

Steven Walker- Olivares Lab

Joseph Cleland-Neuret Lab


2019/2020 GSA Officers

President- Geena Ildefonso

Vice President of Academic Affairs-Shannon Smith

Vice President of Social Affairs- Sarah Maddox

Vice President of Communications- Nikki Rodgers

Treasurer-Alexandria Oviatt

2020 Retreat Planning Committee

Hope Woods

Lee Cantrell

Alexandra Schwartz

Emily Linton

Philip Stauffer



If you have any news or information to share with the CPB community, please let us know.