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Master of Science in Medical Physics

Medical Physics


The Vanderbilt Medical Physics Program Leadership and Faculty will review the national availability of Medical Physics Residency slots and will make a decision on a year-to-year basis concerning the recruitment of students to the Vanderbilt MS Medical Physics Program.

This decision is in response to the 2014 initiative requiring a CAMPEP-accredited residency after the completion of the MS degree.

We encourage you to visit our DMP website, concerning the Professional Doctorate of Medical Physics Degree.


Medical Physics is an applied branch of physics devoted to the application of concepts and methods from physics to the diagnosis and treatment of human disease.

Medical physicists are concerned with three primary areas of activity: clinical service and consultation, research and development, and teaching. Clinically, medical physicists are called upon to contribute scientific advice and resources to solve physical problems arising in radiological medical physics. Medical physics research typically involves the development of new instrumentation and technology, the development of new medical diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and tests using existing technologies. Historically, this type of activity has been primarily in radiological imaging and radiation oncology, but now has a growing breadth of involvement throughout medicine.

Many medical physicists not only provide clinical service but also have faculty appointments at universities and colleges and are responsible for teaching future medical physicists, resident physicians, medical students and hospital technical staff.

Vanderbilt University offers the CAMPEP-Accredited Master of Science degree in Medical Physics with a specialty in Radiological Medical Physics. The Vanderbilt MS Program offers both therapy and diagnostic physics tracks.

This interdisciplinary program is administered through the Departments of Radiation Oncology and Radiology and Radiological Sciences in the School of Medicine, and involves faculty and courses from:


In accordance to CAMPEP policy, the Vanderbilt Medical Physics Program is disclosing the specific numerical data concerning our Program and students.

The data below reflects student numbers during the calendar year 2013 (January 1st, 2013 to December 31st, 2013). Please realize that in the 2013 calendar year, Vanderbilt had two separate programs of study.  In addition, Vanderbilt Program Faculty decided to not accept MS applications during the calendar year 2013 because of the limited number of available residency positions nationally.

  • MS Medical Physics Degree
  • DMP Medical Physics Degree (Professional Doctorate)

The data is further broken down into the Therapy Physics Track and the Diagnostic Physics Track (see below).


1. Number of students applying for Admission, Fall Term 2013:

Total: 22 students


0 students for MS


22 students for DMP


2. Number of student offers made for Admission, Fall Term 2013:

Total: 9 students           


7 students Therapy            


2 students Diagnostic


3. Number of students accepted for Admission, Fall Term 2013:

Total: 5 students           


0 students MS

0 Therapy, 0 Diagnostic


5 students DMP

4 Therapy, 1 Diagnostic


4. Total number of students in the Vanderbilt Medical Physics Program for Fall 2013:

Total: 21 students         


17 students Therapy

16 DMP, 1 MS


4 students Diagnostic

4 DMP, 0 MS


5.  Number of students graduating in Calendar Year 2013:

Total: 6 students          


2 students MS

1Therapy, 1 Diagnostic


4 students DMP         

4 Therapy, 0 Diagnostic


6.  Positions taken by graduating students in Calendar year 2013:

Total: 6 students


1 MS Therapy student entered CAMPEP-Accredited Therapy Residency


1 MS Diagnostic student entered a CAMPEP-Accredited Diagnostic Physics Residency


4 DMP students entered clinical practice (Radiation Therapy)


7. Number of students entering the ABR Certification Process in August, 2013:

Total: 13 students  


10 students DMP

8 Therapy, 2 Diagnostic


3 students MS

2 Therapy, 1 Diagnostic


8. Number of total Vanderbilt graduates taking ABR exams and exam results of the ABR Certification Process in 2013:

Total: 16 students        



4 students DMP

4 Therapy, 0 Diagnostic


12 students MS

11 Therapy, 1 Diagnostic           

Grand Totals:
16 students

13 pass (3 DMP + 10 MS)        
2 fail  (2 MS)
1 condition/pass (1 DMP)



Total: 6 students



5 students DMP

5 Therapy, 0 Diagnostic


1 students MS

1 Therapy, 0 Diagnostic

Grand Totals:
6 students

6 pass
0 fail



Total: 13 students         



10 students DMP

8 Therapy, 2 Diagnostic              


3 students MS

2 Therapy, 1 Diagnostic

Grand Totals:
13 students

12 pass (10 DMP + 2 MS)         
1 fail (MS)




Who to Contact

For more information please write or call:

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Medical Physics Masters Program
Charles W. Coffey, II, PhD.
Program Director
2220 Pierce Avenue
Preston Research Building
Basement Room B-1003
Nashville, TN 37232-5671
Phone: 615-322-2555
Fax: 615-343-0161

Education Coordinator
Ms. Bobbi Humphreys
2220 Pierce Avenue
Preston Research Building
Basement Room B-1003
Nashville, TN 37232-5671
Phone: 615-322-5257
Fax: 615-343-0161

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