At Vanderbilt, medical school isn't all work and no play. Special events are held throughout the year and include:

Orientation marks the start of the academic year and orients students to the major tasks ahead of them. The Dean's Office sponsors orientations for first, second, and third year students.

White Coat Ceremony is the traditional donning of the signature white garment, marking the official entrance into medical school for the members of the newest VUSM class.

Cadaver Ball celebrates the first-year medical students completing gross anatomy and is put on by the graduating fourth-year class each year.

Match Day is the crowning moment when thousands of medical students across the country learn where they will take the next step in their medical training: their residency.

Graduation takes place each year on the second Friday morning of May.

Student Organizations are a great way for students to get involved and make a difference during their time at Vanderbilt.