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PreAward Team

POD 3 Grants and Research Support

We are very excited to bring you POD 3’s one-stop resource for your grant and contract needs!  Our hope is that you will familiarize yourself with the information we have provided and be able to use this as a tool for your grant and contract pursuits, such as:  funding opportunities, application deadline dates, notices, internal/external updates, etc.  Our goal is to support our faculty/staff in efforts to help fulfill the research, education and missions of the department and institution as a whole.  The PreAward Team is focused on providing you with the quality of service and commitment necessary, as Vanderbilt is in the Top 10 of NIH funding.

Our mission is to provide competent, professional preaward services to our internal and external customers by delivering timely and accurate work. We will strive to carry out our duties with the utmost integrity while promoting unity and personal growth with the group.


    Beth Rivas, Preaward Team Lead, Molecular Physiology & Biophysics

    Alicia Davis, Grants Manager, Subcontracts




Susan Hotaling, Gants Manager, Cancer Pharm, VCNDD, Neuroscience


    Dan Quimby, Pharmacology