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VU SOM Linen Services for Lab Coat Cleaning

Contact Information for Shared Hospital Services Corporation’s contact information

  • Andrew Scott, Systems Information Coordinator/ Operations Analyst
    • Contact:, Office #: 615.724.3957

LAB COAT DROP OFF – Hospital Basement

  • Drop Off Location: B502 TVC
  • Pick Up Location: B813 TVC


  • Drop Off Instructions:
  1. In the room you will see a hamper stand with yellow hamper bags in it. Take a bag(s) and count your lab coats and place them in the yellow hamper bag(s).
  2. Fill out the Special Product Log and place it in the bag with the lab coats.
  3. Fill out the Blue Valet Ticket(s) and place them in the bag(s) with the lab coats.
  4. In the room you will see a Blue Bin with Soiled Lab Coats written on it. Place the yellow hamper bag with the Lab Coats, Special Product Log and Blue Valet Ticket(s) in the Blue Bin.
  5. Note: Each Blue Valet Ticket will hold up to 8 coats.
  • Example: If you have 8 coats, you will need 1 Blue Valet Ticket. If you have 11 coats, you will need 2 Blue Valet Tickets etc.
  • Please do not take the Ticket Stubs on the Blue Valet Ticket. Only take the top ticket for your records. We need the last 2 Valet Tickets.


  • Pick Up Instructions:
  1. Lab Coats are hung under department name.
  2. Sign out the lab coats on the Special Product Log Sign out sheet.
  3. Take Coats