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VCMR Policies

Project Initiation: Before any shipment or rederivation, all necessary policy agreements, service forms, fees, and MTAs must be completed and approved. The VCMR manager will communicate the service and shipment timelines to the requesting party.

Guarantees:  VCMR will provide recommended rederivation protocols for cryopreserved sperm or embryo shipments, but we cannot guarantee successful cryorecovery. As with natural mating, litter sizes, genotypes, and gender ratios will vary between rederivation attempts.

Cancellation:  If a request is canceled prior to service completion, VCMR will request payment for any work completed prior to the cancellation date.

Acknowledgements:  Any publication that includes resources obtained from the Vanderbilt Cryopreserved Mouse Repository (VCMR) should acknowledge the resource.

Redistribution:  VCMR strains are distributed under a Vanderbilt MTA agreement that restricts distribution to others without a new MTA agreement.

Privately held lines:  Cryopreserved mouse lines held privately prior to publication will be released to the public after three years or upon publication, whichever comes first.