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Lauren Scarfe

Postdoctoral Fellow, Nephrology

Mark deCaestecker (Thesis)
Ed Gould (Clinical)

My research interest is in renal disease and exploring therapeutic approaches to ameliorate kidney injury. I completed my PhD at the University of Liverpool, UK, where I focused on investigating various aspects of the safety and efficacy of regenerative medicine therapies for treating kidney disease in mouse models of both acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease. For my postdoctoral research, I have joined Mark de Caestecker’s lab in the Division of Nephrology at Vanderbilt, where I have shifted my research focus to address one of the mechanisms behind renal injury and repair during acute kidney injury. I am now exploring the role of macrophages in mediating retinoic acid signaling during acute kidney injury and subsequent repair, which involves using various genetic and pharmacological approaches to suppress and enhance retinoic acid signaling in mouse models. Furthermore, I am also sustaining my interest in therapeutics by exploring methods of manipulating retinoic acid signaling to ameliorate acute kidney injury.