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APMM Application

The Fall 2022 VPMM Applications will be due Monday, June 9, 2022. Please plan to attend an Information Session prior to submitting your application.



Information Session Dates & Times




May 10th 12:00pm
Mary 12th 9:00am
May 17th 11:00am
May 24th 4:00m
May 26th 9:00am
Due to COVID-19 and meeting restrictions, we will be holding all of these sessions via Zoom.


VPMM Application Guidelines


*Applications are due June 9th.

The following information will need to be included.

•Your CV

•List your thesis or post-doctoral research mentor, year of graduate or post-doctoral training(1st, 2nd), and what department you are in

•A personal statement in which you explain your reasons for wanting to join the program, what your goals are for your graduate or post-doctoral training, and what are your future career plans (keep this under 200 words)

•A brief outline of your proposed thesis or post-doctoral research, and how it might integrate with the goals of the APMM to help guide students and post-doctoral fellows to develop new human subjects research studies as a part of their research plans (keep this under 200 words)

•A letter from your thesis/research mentor stating that they support your participation in the APMM and will support your development of a translational research project, with help from the APMM, as part of your research plans