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The 2023 VSSA application will open on October 1st 2022 and most will close on February 1st, 2023.

Programs you can apply for through this application:

  • Vanderbilt Summer Diabetes Research Program
  • The Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) – Summer Research Program
  • The Chemical-Biology REU Program – Deadline February 15!
  • V-SURE: Vanderbilt-Sewanee Undergraduate Research Experience (for Sewanee undergraduates only)
  • Vanderbilt Undergraduate Clinical Research Internship Program
  • VVC: Vanderbilt Vaccine Center
  • AHA SURE: American Heart Association Supporting Undergraduate Research Experiences
  • PAECER: Promoting Academic Excellence through Community Engagement and Reach Multicultural Scholars Program

Programs with their own application (and links to application pages):

To initiate your VSSA application, please click on the electronic application below.

  • When you create an account in the online application, you will be given a USERID and PASSWORD that will allow you to access your application as often as you need.
  • Once you create your application, you will select which programs you are interested in being considered for.  You may list up to three.
  • The application will ask for references/recommenders.  We require two (2) recommenders to provide letters supporting your application for the program and these are due by the application deadline, February 1st. It is your responsibility to ensure these letters are received on time.  Once you enter each recommender’s information and e-mail address and add them to your application, the recommender will receive an e-mail with instructions for how they can submit their recommendation online.  This e-mail will give them a link to an online form.  From this form, the recommender will be able to upload a more detailed letter of recommendation.  We will ONLY be able to accept recommendation letters through the online system.  Your application cannot be considered complete until it’s fully submitted and we have received 2 recommendations on your behalf.
  • In your statement of purpose, please be sure to include what your research interests are and why you are most interested in participating in the program.
  • You will be able to edit and save your application until you are ready to submit the final version. Once you submit the final version of your application, you will no longer be able to make any changes to your application, but you will still be able to upload supplemental documents to your application.

Create/Edit your Application

For questions regarding the application process, contact us via E-mail: VSSA@Vanderbilt.Edu

Thank you for your interest in the Vanderbilt Summer Science Academy Program (VSSA)!