Vanderbilt Vaccine Center

The Vanderbilt Vaccine Center is committed to impacting global health through fundamental research that fosters development and testing of new vaccines for infectious diseases. Our international team of scientists and physicians focuses on work with major human pathogens, especially microbial threats that affect the most vulnerable subjects such as infants and the elderly. Many of the targets we study are particularly important in developing world settings. We also conduct research related to biodefense and emerging infectious diseases.

Students selected for the VVC program will be performing research in the laboratory of Dr. James Crowe, director of the Vanderbilt Vaccine Center or Dr. Ivelin Georgiev, faculty member at the Vanderbilt Vaccine Center. Additionally, students will participate in VSSA activities throughout the summer to enrich their research activities through seminars and social activities. Students will receive a stipend of ~$4000 as well as housing accommodations on campus.