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Erik P. Beadle, PhD

Graduate Student, Rhoades Lab

Research Description:

Erik’s research aims to target the role of Gli2, specifically its mechanism of regulation for its downstream target parathyroid hormone related protein (PTHrP) specifically in tumor cells that have either metastasized to bones or began as a primary bone tumor. Using molecular biology techniques, Erik aims to identify the binding site for the Gli2 transcription factor on the PTHLH gene promoter, and any functional proteins it may be interacting with. Erik is currently attempting to use osteosarcoma as a new model system to study Gli2’s regulation of PTHrP, and is attempting to derive a cell line from a patient osteosarcoma tumor that he recently received. Erik and others in the lab have been working with the Gli pharmacological inhibitor, GANT58, and are in the process of characterizing the mode of action for this small molecule inhibitor.