Science Hour

All Science Hours are Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. in PRB 898J, unless otherwise noted.

September 27, 2017
The role of TGF-B responsive myeloid cell in tumor-induced bone disease.
Denise Buenrostro, Graduate Student, Sterling Lab
Translational Immuno-oncology research: identifying new combinations for the treatment of cancer
Justin M. Balko, Pharm.D. Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, VUMC, Leader of Molecular Oncology, Center for Cancer-Targeted Therapies

October 4, 2017
Understanding Outcomes following Stem Cell Transplant for Hematologic Malignancies: A Machine Learning Approach
Jocelyn Gandelman, Medical Student, Irish & Jagasia Laboratories
Breast cancer dormancy: What’s bone got to do with it?
Rachelle Johnson Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Medicine

Oct 11, 2017
No Science Hour

Oct 18, 2017
Systems based analysis of melanoma after targeted therapy reveal loss of neural crest identity and MHC I as potential therapeutic opportunities
Deon Doxie, Graduate Student, Irish Laboratory
From patients to cell biology and back: using cytometry to reveal relationships between the stem cell niche and brain tumors
Rebecca Ihrie Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Cell & Developmental Biology

Oct 25, 2017
Alternative splicing of ALCAM enables tunable regulation of cell:cell adhesion through differential proteolysis
Katie Hebron, Graduate Student, Zijlstra Lab
Tumor-Induced Bone Disease
Julie Sterling Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Clinical Pharmacology & Biomedical Engineering

Nov 1, 2017
Miranda Sowder, Graduate Student, Johnson Lab
Carlos Lopez Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

Nov 8, 2017
David Wooten, Graduate Student, Quaranta Lab
Jonathan Irish Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Cell & Developmental Biology

Nov 15, 2017
Sarah Croessmann Ph.D.
, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Arteaga Lab
Ann Richmond Ph.D., Professor of Pharmacology

Nov 22, 2017
No Science Hour
Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 29, 2017
Karinna Almodovar Ph.D.,
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Lovly Lab
Rebecca Cook Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Cell & Developmental Biology and Biomedical Engineering

Dec 6, 2017
Merrida Childress, Graduate Student, Lovly Lab
Fiona Yull Ph.D., Associate Professor of Pharmacology

Dec 13, 2017
Victoria Ng, Graduate Student, Lee Lab
Austin Kirschner M.D./Ph.D., Assistant Professor Radiation Oncology

December 20, 2017
Winter Break.  Happy Holidays!

January 10, 2017