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Eligibility for Student Research Intern Appointments

Not applicable for individuals with terminal degrees.

Applies only to individuals wishing to pursue a research experience and not applicable to:

•   clerical work including data entry
•  “physician shadowing” or other experiences involving patient contact
•   Any activity that would otherwise be performed by a regular employee

Non-educational Positions: Research Intern appointments are not suitable for students (or others) employed in a research laboratory setting who do not have specifically defined training plans.  For students providing services such as dish washing, media preparation, lab maintenance, data entry, etc., please contact Vanderbilt Temporary Services for further information about these types of positions.

Vanderbilt Students: Research Intern appointments are not applicable to students currently enrolled at Vanderbilt University. All Vanderbilt student employment, including summer employment, is processed though the Student Employment Office.

Foreign Nationals: Our office does not handle any visa issues for people coming in over the summer. If a faculty member decides to accept a foreign student, it is the responsibility of the mentor and his/her department to verify that all legal visa requirements are satisfied prior to requesting appointment. Please note that student visas (F-1s) usually do not allow for employment outside of the student’s educational institution. For more information, please contact the Office for International Students & Scholars Services (ISSS).