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The Karpay Award

The Karpay Award, established in 2010 to honor the memory of Dr. Anne Karpay, recognizes one senior graduate student who is a well-rounded colleague and scientist, who is collaborative and collegial and who has performed exceptional research in the field of structural biology. Dr. Karpay exemplified each characteristic and demonstrated a passion for science, friendship and life in general. The winner then presents a research talk as part of the award ceremony.


Previous Karpay Award recipients are:

Year Recipient Research Title
2020 Justin Marinko (Sanders) “There and Back Again: A Protein’s Tale”
2019 Caleigh Azumaya (Nakagawa) “Grad School: It’s a TRP”
2018 Meredith Frazier (Jackson) “Along for the ride: structural and functional studies of AP4 and its accessory protein tepsin”
2017 Norie Sugitani (Chazin) “Scaffolding branches: XPA in DNA repair and graduate school survival”
2016 Qiuyan Chen (Iverson/Gurevich) “Arrestin activation? Just press the right buttons”
2015 Kathleen F. Mittendorf (Sanders) “Pigs in a Blanket on My Rafting Trip: Membrane Proteins and Neurodegeneration”
2014 Nicole Chumbler (Lacy) “Who’s the boss? Structural investigations of Clostridium difficile Toxin A autoprocessing”
2013 Paul Barrett (Sanders) “Where’s My Doughnut? A Link Between Cholesterol and Alzheimer’s Disease”
2012 Chris A. Brosey (Chazin) “Floating away on a Brownian waltz: Uncovering the architecture and dynamics of ssDNA-binding by Replication Protein A”
2011 Yoana Dimitrova (Chazin) “Taming the beast: TBL1 and adventures in structural biology and graduate school”